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Make a Difference Monday: The Sovereignty of God in Foster Care

Last night as I rocked our baby girl to sleep, the reality of our future with her hit me. The fact that she may not live with us forever has always been true, but as I looked around her room last night – her crib, her dresser, her folded pile of pj’s and blankets on the nightstand – it became all the more real that this might not be her room for very much longer. One day she might have a very different room.

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We are fostering to adopt her. This means we are licensed by the state and assigned by the court as a safe and loving temporary home for her away from her more unstable environment; and if the court deems it to be in her best interests, our hope is to become her forever home. But there are no guarantees that she’ll stay with us – that she’ll grow up with our daughters as her big sisters, that we’ll walk her to school on her first day of kindergarten, celebrate her losing her first tooth, teach her how to drive, send her off to college or walk her down the aisle on her wedding day. We hope and pray for these things, and we love her now as if these future memories are certain, but there are no guarantees that she’ll ever know how much we have grown to love her, or how desperately we longed for her to become a part of us forever.

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Jason Johnson

“I am the husband of Emily, a dad to 4 girls (youngest adopted in 2013), a pastor for 13 years, a former church planter and now the Chief Church Engagement Officer for The Arrow Foundation – an organization committed to equipping, resourcing and mobilizing the Church towards foster care and adoption around the country.”

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