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Advocate Wednesday on a Thursday: God is at work!

When I became an Advocate for The Forgotten Initiative, my life was pretty full.  God was birthing a passion in me for the foster care community, and I wanted to get involved.  I questioned if I would be able to do well in this position, but who else was going to do it?  And I knew that even if I just did a little of what could be done, that it would be better than nothing!

God has blown my expectations out of the water.

Well, because God is amazing, great things have been happening in Columbia.  It’s a lot of fun serving with TFI.  With the birth of our baby girl several weeks ago, I have had to take some steps back from my Advocate role.  I imagined that stepping back would mean that nothing would happen.  But God has blown my expectations out of the water.  While I have done less, God has continued His role as Advocate and shown up in amazing ways despite my “absence”.

Without my initiative, people have reached out to me asking if they could do journey bags, worker appreciation events, and Christmas projects.  I have also had great conversations about foster parenting with people in my home and places like the doctor’s office!

These past few weeks have been a great reminder that God is and has been leading the way all along.  I think I’ve been taking too much credit!  It’s not my initiative that makes things happen, it’s His!  It’s not my effort, it’s His.  The responsibility of this role has never been my burden to carry.  He is asking me to be faithful and do my best, but He is the One at work in me to will and to work according to His good pleasure.  The reminder has been wonderfully refreshing!

Wherever God has you right now, know that He intentionally CHOSE YOU for the position you are in.  What an incredible privilege!  He knows all of our weaknesses and limitations, but He is in no way bound by them!  He is leading you and He is working all things for your good and for His glory.

Melisha Meredith

Melisha Meredith

In 2012, Melisha and her husband, Ryan, were granted their foster care license, and they began to welcome children into their home. They are passionate about orphan care and always knew that would be a part of their family, but the reality of how that looks in their family is so different from what they thought it might be like. The foster care community has vast needs, and through TFI, they have been able to reach out to more people and families than they ever thought possible!

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  • Melisha- I needed this! Jillian told me I HAD to read it and she was so right.

    <3 soak up the time with that baby!
    love doing ministry with my fellow advocates, Him being the greatest!

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