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Advocate Wednesday: I Will Remember the Works of the Lord

There is a powerful knowing that happens when we remember His good works in us, in our families, in the hard and beautiful places we have been given in loving foster care with our lives.

I was changed in 2014 by gratitude, keeping a simple inexpensive journal of numbered thanks – for the first time in all my years – that buoyed and carried me through the ebbs and flows of my life. As the tens became hundreds, and I could look back on prayers answered, precious observations of my children and the children placed in our hands, glimpses of goodness, great measures of God’s love and small ones, and the work done of God through TFI, the agents of love and hands and feet of Jesus I met throughout the year, the supporters of foster care that came through when they were most needed in big and small ways. There are names in my pages. The beautiful stories I heard, and the miracles out of heartbreaking ones. Reflecting on these lines as my year progressed, I filled with increasing hope, rode on waves of this grace I read and praised God anew – so much unmerited favor marked the pages.   So much of God there, and his amazing goodness.

So much I may have otherwise missed, because…I am a forgetter. Life speeding by, the remembering of small and even large graces flew out of my hands before, slipped between my fingers. But faith comes from hearing, and these pages told me my gospel story in God over and over. Faith grew.

In the Bible, there were instances of “stones of remembrance” in Samuel and Joshua’s times, the naming of His works in their history, to remind them, “ that all the peoples of the earth may know that the hand of the Lord is mighty, that you may fear the Lord your God forever.” (Joshua 4:24) There is a powerful knowing that happens when we remember His good works in us, in our families, in the hard and beautiful places we have been given in loving foster care with our lives.

Can you take some time as you conclude this year and begin a new one to pause and reflect, to name stones of remembrance, to meditate on what He has done in your life personally, and through you to mobilize the Body around foster care this year by way of TFI and beyond? It is profound.

Let’s carry these with us into the journey he has planned for us in 2015, and let that remembering encourage our faith, and strengthen our daily trusting Him to make much of our little, to grow us toward Jesus. Great love to you as you begin a new year and continue in your love for foster care.

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Candace King

Candace King

Advocate - Twin Cities, MN

Looking for a way to make a connection with foster care needs in her own community, TFI came into view as an answer to the “how” that could happen. Candace’s family growing up was a foster home for their county, giving her the opportunity to experience firsthand the challenges that children and foster families face. Candace and her husband Santy have two children.

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