Advocate WednesdaysDec. 17, 2014

Advocate Wednesday: In Time

Patience seems to have been a theme in my life as of late.  But isn’t that an important theme for everyones lives?  I had a conversation last night in which my girlfriend and I laughed about the old saying “Pray for patience and God will give the opportunity.”  We laughed because we were talking about how we had been trying to get crafty with our prayers so we could be more specific and not only pray for patience, but speed up God’s timing in the process.  Isn’t that funny? One of the most fundemental concepts we learn as Christ followers is that everything happens in GODS TIMING, not earthly timing. Yet we become so impatient when we wait more than a few weeks after praying for something.  That is when I have to remind myself that with patience, and prayer, we also have to be diligent and pray for discernment.

When I was blessed with the role of advocate for the Foster Care community I expected to be turning my wheels in so many different directions right away.  I expected donations and involvement to be plentiful.  What I didn’t expect was waiting.  Waiting to hear back from possible sponsors, donations of money, supplies, etc.  In my personal life, I didn’t expect to be waiting for my house to be complete.  My love for the foster care community meant that I not only wanted to be an advocate, but that a goal for my family was to receive children into our own home as well.  I expected to be done with the classes and finishing up with our house remodel within the next few months, so that we would have the required space to receive a child.

I love how all of that was based on my own timeline.  In between there God called me back to being a stay at home mom, ie. becoming a one income household.  He also called on me to educate (homeschool) our children.  Both roles that my heart had desired but quieted in my soul because I did not think they were possible, or what my role in life actually was.

All of that to say, be patient.  Hurry up and wait. I encourage you to be diligent in your prayer life, to seek counsel in the times that you feel like you are not hearing from the Lord on where your direction in life is headed.  Sometimes just receiving a reminder on God’s timing is all we need to confirm what we already know.  That may seem silly, but it can be so hard to accept the truth when all we want is what we want, WHEN we want it.  We don’t want to wait.

Rachel Forero

Rachel Forero

Crying out to God one day, begging to be used for a greater purpose, for something so much bigger than herself, the Lord brought TFI to Rachel. Rachel and her husband Alex have three children and live in the City of Riverside, Ca. God has always put the burden of hurting and forgotten children on their hearts, and through TFI, their family will be able to bring awareness to their community, and build support and love for the workers, children, and families involved with the foster care system.

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