Advocate WednesdaysJan. 28, 2015

Advocate Wednesday: God is Faithful

As I thought about what to share with all of you this week, I was reminded of all the times God has been faithful in providing for not only my family but our TFI ministry.  I tend to get so focused on myself or my little world, do you?  I forget so easily that God is able and He can do anything, we just need to ask!

Here is a perfect example; in the fall, I planned to ask our community to help provide car kits for our local DHS office.  I was thinking two maybe three kits max.  I emailed the supervisor here and he said they needed 11.  I was immediately disheartened.  I just knew there was no way we would get all of those donated.  I did not have the funds to go buy all the items needed as well.   It really got me down, but I thought some is better than none and went ahead with the project.

God showed up (as he always does) and blew me away with his faithfulness.  I had a few friends and church groups respond, and we provided 10 car kits!  When the body of Christ learned of a need they came together and provided for that need.  I felt humbled in my unbelief and was so thankful that in spite of what I thought, God showed up and provided those kits.

I shared this story because this has been a constant theme in my life the last year.  I get complacent and forget that we serve a faithful God.  I recently read back in a prayer journal of mine and this verse stood out, “Then Jesus told them, ‘I tell you the truth, if you have faith and don’t doubt, you can do things like this and much more.  You can even say to this mountain, may you be lifted up and thrown into the sea and it will happen.’” Matthew 21:21.  God desires us to have faith and trust in Him.  When we do that it doesn’t mean our lives will be perfect or we will always get what we want, but it does mean that we will feel God’s presence through it all.  No matter what you are facing today big or small, please remember that God is faithful!

Kara Reid

Kara Reid

TFI Advocate: NW Oklahoma

When God opened their eyes in 2009 to the needs of the foster care community, He also ignited a passion in Kara to serve the families effected by foster care. Along with her husband, Cory, they have been serving Jesus by caring for those in need. Over the past few years this has included adopting their youngest son from the foster care system, and adding an older sister to the family as well. Kara has been praying for God to show her how to get others in her community of Woodward, Oklahoma involved and felt Him lead her to TFI.

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