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Forgotten Friday – Foster Care: Why the Church Can Stop Outsourcing Child Welfare

It was never God’s intent for children to be without a family. It was also never His intent for the government to be the solution to a problem that only the Church could solve.


In large part, the responsibility to care for vulnerable kids and struggling families has been inappropriately placed on the backs of politicians and government employees with the expectation that they do something they were never really intended to do in the first place. As a result, a vastly broken and flawed system has emerged that is overworked, overwhelmed, under resourced and overly criticized.


The government is not in the family restoring and family building business. The Church is. Kids in foster care are not the state’s kids, they are God’s kids and therefore as the Church they are our kids too. Our responsibility. Our burden. Our mission. Our job. Not the government’s.

When it comes to defending the weak, protecting the vulnerable and seeking justice in the midst of chaos and brokenness, no entity is more exceptionally equipped and clearly mandated to take an active lead than the Church. We are those who celebrate a God whose grace is sufficient in our weakness, whose promises bring peace in our insecurities and whose love compelled Him to send a Rescuer on our behalf to engage in our brokenness and fight victoriously for our justice. This is not just what we joyously celebrate within our walls “at church” but also what we are called to tirelessly demonstrate in the lives of those around us as “the Church”. That’s not the role of the government. That’s the Church.

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Jason Johnson Jason Johnson

I am the husband of Emily, a dad to 4 girls (youngest adopted through foster care in 2013) and a former pastor of 13 years. I now serve as the Director of Church Engagement for Arrow Foundation ( and am the Creator of ALL IN Orphan Care ( I have the privilege of traveling around the country engaging, equipping and mobilizing the Church towards foster care and adoption.

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  • Beautiful…….thank you, fellow sister in the Lord working as hard as I can with the foster system to make a difference….. prayers for you and your family!

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