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Make a Difference Monday: Me?

“Me?”  I hear my two year old say this multiple times a day.

“Pick up your toys.”……. “Me?”  “Eat your food.”……. “Me?”  “Can I hug you?”……. “Me?”  “You look pretty.”…… “Me?”

On and on it goes, even when no one else is in the room.  It’s cute for a little while, but quickly gets annoying.  And tonight, as I’m holding her, I find it all too familiar.  I can almost here myself saying it to God.

“Are you struggling?” …… “Me?”   “Give me your heart.” ……. “Me?”  “Trust Me.” ……. “Me?”  “You are forgiven.” …… “Me?”

And the list goes on and on.  I’m almost certain it is just as annoying.  I doubt everyday.  I wonder if it’s really God’s voice I’m hearing.  I doubt my abilities.  I doubt forgiveness.  I doubt whether I’m living in His will.  I doubt eternity.  I even doubt my God.

img_0471I think about my sweet Georgia and how she has every reason in the world to doubt.  She has no reason to trust…..but she does. She is so secure in our love.  She still has a sweet innocence that seems nearly impossible.  I would venture to say she is probably our child who is the most emotionally stable.  But how?  Then I think of all the reasons she causes me to believe.  God healed her.  He restored her.  She has no nightmares and very few memories of her past.  He protected her.

Lord give me blind faith.  Help me to trust in what I cannot see.  Help me to seek You and find You.  Remind me of your presence.  Restore my faith.

“Me?” …….. “Yes, you.  Feed my sheep.  Take care of orphans and widows.  Love others as I have loved you.  Serve this world, and you will find Me.”

Amanda Lile

Amanda Lile KidsAmanda is a Christ-follower, wife to Clint, and currently a mother to 7 children. Over the past 7 years, she has parented 27 children. She knows what it means to experience heartache through the loss of children she had hoped would stay forever, but also knows what it means to find her identity in Christ. Although her and her husband know that not everyone is called to foster or adopt, they strongly believe that everyone should play a role in this crisis. She feels like she is continuously reaping the blessings of committing to this lifestyle and wishes that everyone could experience it! Check out more from Amanda on her blog!

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