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Current Needs Birmingham, AL


Often children in transition have to use trash bags to transport their belongings. We are collecting new or gently used SUITCASES and BAGS to help kids transition to their new home with dignity rather than shame.


Social workers in the field often encounter families with immediate needs, including diapers, formula or food. Until more permanent solutions can be found, it is a great help for them to provide some of these items and meet the immediate need. This can often be the difference between a child being removed from the home or being allowed to stay.

We are requesting WalMart or Visa GIFT CARDS, preferably in $20-$50 increments to allow workers to purchase these necessities as needs arise. The distribution of gift cards will be carefully monitored to ensure appropriate usage.


One of the most urgent and expensive needs in the community of foster care is CAR SEATS!

Imagine scrambling to say yes to a four-year-old in the middle of the night, but there’s no car seat. That could possibly hinder you from being able to be that child’s safe place for the moment.

Only to wake up the next night to relive the scenario, but with an infant.

Typically, child welfare supervisors are required to have a car seat for each stage available to their caseworkers; however, Jefferson and Shelby Counties have been slammed with incoming cases since early August, and there are little-to-none available or remaining.

Requirements: Never been in any car accident and not expired. We will take donations of any new or used car seats or boosters meeting these requirements.

Kristin Solomon

Kristin is married to Shane and the mom of two boys and foster mom to one long term placement. God gave her a passion for “the fatherless” as she read His word. For two years she prayed and waited for God to show her what her next steps were and when she learned about The Forgotten Initiative, she felt God was leading her to action.

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