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Forgotten Friday: Foster Care and What I Fear Most For My Kids

We are in the middle of building a home right now. The process has been fun, especially since our daughters are for the most part old enough to enjoy it with us. They get excited about their new rooms, their new neighborhood and their new friends next door and down the street.

The building process has brought up several interesting conversations with them – most notably ones about how many more sisters they want in our family and where their rooms are going to be in the new house. On some level they understand something just as much as my wife and I do – this house is not just for us.

Two and a half years ago a newborn baby girl was dropped off at our home by Child Protective Services and we have never been the same. She has since become our daughter and her presence in our family has profoundly changed us – in obvious family-picture type ways but also in subtle, less seen, more perspective-shifting type ways. Our daughters have not gone unaffected – they want more sisters – they want our home to be a place where kids who need a family can find one forever.

So do we.


I used to be concerned about the effect bringing a foster child into our family would have on our kids. Would it take away from the attention they deserve from us? Would it interrupt their routines? Would they resent us for it? Now, after the fact, I’m more concerned about the effect NOT bringing a foster child into our home would have had on our kids. It has changed them, for the better, and I’m convinced they will never be the same as a result of it.  Read the rest of Jason’s post on his blog.

Jason Johnson Jason Johnson

I am the husband of Emily, a dad to 4 girls (youngest adopted through foster care in 2013) and a former pastor of 13 years. I now serve as the Director of Church Engagement for Arrow Foundation ( and am the Creator of ALL IN Orphan Care ( I have the privilege of traveling around the country engaging, equipping and mobilizing the Church towards foster care and adoption.

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