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Forgotten Friday: Three Different Girls, Three Very Different Lives

Originally posted on Jami’s personal blog on January 18th, 2012

At 11:30 this afternoon, I drove over to my little girl’s school – signed myself in and walked up behind her. “Hey there!” I whispered. Turning around, she squealed, Mommy!! and threw her arms around me!

We were going on a field trip!

I love field trips – not because of the event itself – or the squirming children – or the headache that often hits me right in the middle of the experience! – I love field trips because I get to spend that one on one time with my girl (haven’t had the experience with my boys yet but the sentiment works for them too!). An hour or so into the trip, we were lined up, ready to pile back on the bus when one of Rae’s little friends said, “I’ve been in school for 4 days!” “Really, did you just move here?” I asked her. “No we moved away from my Dad because my Mom and him argued too much and now we’re back again.” “So now you are living with just your mom?” “Yeah.” she told me. “I am so sorry honey. I’m sure that’s hard” She proceeded to share that her ‘other’ dad – her step dad – was living in prison. “I get to visit him on summer break sometime though…”

Whoa. It breaks my heart to think of this little girl dealing with such painful, heavy stuff.. Before I left, I looked at her and said, “You are such a special girl, do you know that?”

Will you pray for her?

A little later in the day, I took some supplies into DCFS and when I walked in, I saw a sweet, little girl – not yet two sitting on a worker’s lap. She had been taken into care just a few hours earlier. She was tiny – just a peanut – and it was apparent she had some special needs..

“You have a place for her tonight, right?” I couldn’t imagine her staying overnight in the office. I walked to her and picked her up. Precious baby. Her caseworker was in another room locating a foster family. I couldn’t stop myself. “You know…we are licensed for one more and we have plenty of room and a pack-n-play and….if you can’t find anyone for tonight…. I want her….though I should probably call Clint first!”

Fortunately for her, a foster home was located and so I told her goodbye but she’s still on my heart. MG, I call her. Will you pray for her too?

I told Clint all about her when I got home – before leaving DCFS I said, “I need to come in here more often!” cause the last couple of times I’ve been, there have been kids. Clint, on the other hand, told me I need to stay away! 🙂 But these are kids, I tell you. Kids who need love and a home!

And we do have one more spot in our van. 😉

Jami Kaeb

Jami Kaeb is a dreamer and a coffee lover! She is married to Clint and the mother of seven – five through adoption. It was through a difficult season of waiting, that Clint and Jami's eyes were opened to the foster care community. They became foster parents to three siblings who they eventually adopted and in April of 2011, Jami founded The Forgotten Initiative. Jami views life as a great adventure with Jesus and desires simply to know Him more and share His love with those who feel forgotten.

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