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Current Needs in Bloomington-Peoria


There is a Dad in Bloomington who is trying to obtain employment but has nowhere for potential employers to reach him.    Can you help by providing a Tracphone card?

One of our agencies has two televisions that have stopped working.  These are kept on carts and moved between visiting rooms.

We have a Peoria agency requesting school uniforms of any color and size.  All would be appreciated!

In Peoria, there is an agency need for boys and girls clothing, sizes 4 and 5.

Here is an opportunity for you to be a math tutor in an Afterschool Program.  This  afterschool program serves low income youth in both East Peoria, Richland Bottoms area, and in Pekin at the Brook Meadows Apartment.  The goal of these programs is to provide a safe environment for kids to learn, and play.  What a great way to make a positive influence on a young person!

Children’s books and art supplies and are needed!  Things such as construction paper, crayons and coloring books, sidewalk chalk, play-doh and colored pencils would be so helpful.

First Aid Kits – Foster Parents often receive children with little notice and may not have time to run out and purchase basic first aid items.  Contact us for more details.

Home Safety Kits – These kits are so helpful in situations such as when working to meet reunification goals or when a relative receives a child into their care and needs some items to make their home safe.  We would love to tell you more!

Welcome Home Baskets – This is a great project for your small group or church!   Many young adults age out of foster care every year and are overwhelmed at the thought of living independently.  Lighten their burden with these baskets that are filled with new household items.  Please contact us for more details and suggestions!

How about encouraging foster parents with a Foster Parent Support Kit?  These are large plastic totes or baskets that contain items such as:  quiet toys for kids to play with while at appointments, high protein snacks, meal gift cards for family or for a parent date night, movie theater gift card, a devotional, sensory toys, coffee or tea, small journal to record days that are hard and days of victory, encouraging notes, bags of chocolate for a “mommy moment”, etc.

This is another great project for a small group or church to do together!

Something that every agency in our area consistently needs is
Gift Cards!

Fast Food Gift Cards–These are often used when a child is taken into protective custody.  Some suggestions are McDonald’s or Wendy’s.
Gas Cards–Often there is a lot of driving to various appointments and these cards are a huge help.
Grocery/Clothing Gift Cards–Cards from places like Wal-Mart or Meier are wonderful as well as Kohls.
Do you like to clean and organize?  You might enjoying serving on a “Beautification Team” that takes care of these types of needs at our agency offices.  This would be done during their weekly office hours.

Please contact us for more information on any of these needs. 

Cindy McNeilly

Cindy McNeilly

Administrative Support

Cindy is married to Chris and they are the parents of two adult daughters. Through relationships with friends who have been involved in foster care, she is familiar with both the sorrows and the great joys of being a foster family. Cindy is thankful to the Lord for raising up this caring and supportive organization, and looks forward to serving the foster care community as part of the TFI family.

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