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Advocate Wednesday: Interruptions….

Having started on this journey three years ago now I am all too familiar with interruptions.  It was actually an interruption that caused me to become interested in the foster care world.  Like so many people I was comfortable serving Christ.  After all, I was the wife of a pastor.  I was the mom to three teenage boys.  I had just moved three hours to leave my whole world and church that we had been at for seventeen years.  Interruptions were becoming a theme in my life.

Then it happened.  God interrupted my life again.  It was a day that I will never forget.  That day that God, Himself is sitting next to you and says “now is the time.”  What? No, not now.  Yet He would continue to interrupt until I obeyed.

My first meeting with our local DSS was eye opening.  There were currently over 5,000 children in foster care and up for adoption.  This did not include the children just in foster care.  I walked away very different that day.

I was so busy being selfish with my life that I had not thought about these children and their interruptions.  Some would have many interruptions before they would return home or adoption would occur.  This wasn’t because of any fault of their own that they were experiencing these things in their life.  Yet these children would know all too well what life looked like with interruptions:  different homes, different schools, different case workers, different clothes, different foods.  Nothing would look “normal” to them.

Today my life is still interrupted.  Now it is interrupted by three little ones (along with the three big ones).  “Mom can you take me potty?  Mom I am hungry.  Mom I need money.  Mom I left my lunch in the car.  Mom….Mom…Mom.”  Let’s be honest there are many days that I don’t want to deal with anything not scheduled.  No matter what it is!  I just want a “normal day.”   We all know that doesn’t exist, don’t we?  The reality is that life will throw us all interruptions, it is up to us what we do with them.

I often hear from others they are unable to foster right now because of where they are in life.  Actually what they are saying is they don’t want their lives to be interrupted.  In a study I am doing I am reminded of how God chose to interrupt ordinary people.  How about Moses? Noah?  Mary?  The Disciples?  If God could interrupt their lives then why not mine?  I may not have much to offer Him except an empty vessel, but then that is really what HE is looking for.  People who are willing to trust Him and to be His arms and His feet.

So tomorrow I will ask God how He will choose to interrupt this ordinary life of mine.  How can He take my focus off of what I have it on, to make me aware of what He wants me to see.  May I realize that a life interrupted is a privilege!

Tonya Royal

Tonya Royal

Tonya is married to Mike and they live in Spartanburg, SC. Mike is the pastor of Eastside Baptist Church. They have six children, three biological and three they adopted through foster care. Knowing that God had more for me to do in our community through foster care I continued to pray. I longed to unite the body of Christ with meeting the needs that our eyes were now opened to. I was introduced to The Forgotten Initiative and knew immediately that this encompassed everything that I had been praying for.

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