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Make a Difference Monday: When Jesus Becomes Personal to your Kids

Last week, Paige told us she wanted to make her relationship with Jesus more public and on Sunday, it was announced in church that Paige is following Jesus! She wants the accountability that comes with being part of a church family.

My heart rejoices.

On the way home from church that day, Dayd asked if he was a Christian. I asked him if he had ever asked Jesus into his heart and he shook his head no. “Well Dayd, Daddy can talk with you about what it means to be a Christian when we get home.” I told him.

Layla piped up. “I asked Jesus to live in my heart a long time ago.” “Oh you did? I don’t remember that.” 🙂 So I asked her a few questions about sin and she didn’t quite understand so I told her that Daddy could talk with her too.

Three cheers for Clint!

We came home and the other kids headed off to quiet time. Clint grabbed his Bible and walked Dayd and Layla through the gospel message. He then asked Dayd if he would like to ask Jesus to live in his heart. Dayd said “yes!”

Before we prayed, Clint asked Layla if she would also like to ask Jesus into her life but she wasn’t ready yet.

Together, we knelt by the sofa and Clint led Dayd in a prayer to invite Jesus Christ into his life!

We cheered and hugged and I told Dayd “you’re a Christian!!” He was so excited or in his words, “I so really excited that I’m a Christian!”

I looked over at Layla and she had tears rolling down her face. She struggled with her words when we asked what was wrong but soon I asked her again if she would like to ask Jesus into her heart and soberly she said, “yes.”

Together we prayed with her and she invited Jesus into her life!

We cheered and hugged and I told Layla “you’re a Christian!!” She was so excited!

I called the rest of the kids out of their rooms, yelling “Family Meeting!” When they were all gathered around, Layla and Dayd proudly announced their news and together we cheered and hugged!

We were so really excited.

In moments like these, I am reminded of the day our foster care journey began. Dayd was 3 years old, so quiet and so nervous. The first thing Paige said to him was “do you know Jesus?”

He looked at her totally confused then but now, nearly five years later, he knows Jesus. Paige’s public confession of her faith prompted his questions which brought him salvation!

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Thank you Jesus. Thank you, thank you Jesus.

Jami Kaeb

Jami Kaeb is a dreamer and a coffee lover! She is married to Clint and the mother of seven – five through adoption. It was through a difficult season of waiting, that Clint and Jami's eyes were opened to the foster care community. They became foster parents to three siblings who they eventually adopted and in April of 2011, Jami founded The Forgotten Initiative. Jami views life as a great adventure with Jesus and desires simply to know Him more and share His love with those who feel forgotten.

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