Find a Need, Illinois - Will CountyJul. 2, 2015

Current Needs- Will County, IL

School Supplies

Empty Duffle Bags/Back Packs

McDonald’s gift cards for parent/child visitations

Journey bags


Gift Cards

Clothing Items (especially older kids sizes)

College Care Packages

Welcome Home Baskets

First Aid Kits

Home Safety Kits

Caseworker Car Kits

Worker Appreciation Efforts



Melissa Craig

Melissa Craig

TFI Advocate: Will County, IL

Adam and Melissa have 4 children- 2 boys and 2 girls. After a powerful Bible study with their small group from church, they really had the desire to start serving their community. Melissa and Adam got connected with TFI and found out there was a need for an advocate. Half way through another powerful Bible study (studying is the easy part!) and prayer, Melissa felt like this was something they should pursue. Thinking maybe it was time to apply what she had learned! They are excited to serve the foster community and to see how the Lord can use them to help fix a broken system.

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