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Current Needs in Bloomington-Normal

Dear friends,
For many of us, August is a month of both endings and beginnings.  The summer is winding down and “back to school” becomes a common phrase.  As we enter into this next season and the changes that will come with it, we at The Forgotten Initiative pray you will be encouraged by the powerful, constant, unwavering, steadfast love of our heavenly Father.   We also offer some ways for you to pass that love on to those who feel forgotten.  Please take a look and contact us for more information!

We are thankful and excited to present a wonderful opportunity to serve a local foster care parent!  PROJECT RENOVATE is scheduled for September 18-19 in Peoria!  Whether you have much construction experience, very little, or none at all, we would love to have you sign up and join us in blessing this dear woman who has given so much love to foster children over many years.  To find out more and sign up, please go to
Meet a local need

School Supplies are needed as parents prepare to send the children back to school!   While these will be needed just for the month of August, there are several items that are always needed in our local agencies.  These items include the following:

Diapers and Wipes   The agencies have use for both of these items daily.

Gift Cards   Kids often come into care with nothing and these gift cards are so helpful to provide some basic necessities.  One of our agency contacts recently sent this to us:

“We have been using the fast food cards for sibling visits and visits where parents do not live in the area. We also recently used a target gift card for a child that was returned home and needed sheets for his bed.”

As you can see by this statement, the gift cards are a tremendous blessing!  Here are some suggestions:

Fast Food Gift Cards–These are often used when a child is taken into protective custody.  Some suggestions are McDonald’s or Wendy’s.
Grocery/Clothing Gift Cards–Cards from places like Wal-Mart or Meier are wonderful as well as Kohls.
Gas Cards–Often there is a lot of driving to various appointments and these cards are a huge help.

New Clothing   As children come into care they often need clothing.  Except for infants, all sizes of NEW clothes would be so helpful and appreciated!  As you shop those end of summer sales, perhaps you will see a great deal on some new clothing that could be given to a child in need!

Email for more information on how to help.
Have you thought about becoming a foster parent?

Upcoming PRIDE Trainings

Area Foster Parent Training Class Schedules and locations can be found by going to and clicking on the red link midway through the page that says MORE FOSTER PARENT SCHEDULES, and then click on PRIDE pre-service.

Again, thank you for being the hands and feet of Jesus and showing Him to those who feel forgotten!

Cindy McNeilly

Cindy McNeilly

Administrative Support

Cindy is married to Chris and they are the parents of two adult daughters. Through relationships with friends who have been involved in foster care, she is familiar with both the sorrows and the great joys of being a foster family. Cindy is thankful to the Lord for raising up this caring and supportive organization, and looks forward to serving the foster care community as part of the TFI family.

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