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April 2016: Current Needs in Bloomington/Normal, IL

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Service Projects:
Small Child Size Table for a DCFS family visit room
Journey bags sizes 2T and 13+ (girls and boys).
2 new 5-point harness car seats NEED MET!!
Slipcovers for sofa and chair (ask us for size details)
Foster Parent Support Kits – some items to includeCoffee or tea bags and a mug
Some chocolate for a “mommy moment”.
Granola bars
Small games
A journal to record both the good and the hard days
A “Dear Foster Parent” note to encourage them
Gift Cards – for agency workers to purchase items for children while they wait for available foster homes.

First Aid Kits – antibiotic ointment spray, alcohol swabs, band-aids/bandages, cold packs, latex gloves, soap/hand sanitizer, thermometers, pain reliever, etc.

Homes Safety Kits – for relatives receiving a child into their care – smoke/carbon monoxide alarms, tundra spray (extinguishes fire), door knob covers, cabinet latches, night lights, corner bumpers, outlet covers, security gates. “As a caseworker, TFI has shown me hope that there are people in our community who want to defend the fatherless and voices that cannot be heard”  Jenna, Caseworker at FamilyCore: Peoria, IL

Join our First Response Team – be the first to learn about immediate needs like beds, car seats, dressers

Join our Beautification Teams – We need 2-3 volunteers willing to clean and organize agency visitation rooms on a monthly basis

Get involved with Project Renovate – construction/light home repairs, yard work, etc.  These help vulnerable and foster families in/near Bloomington/Normal.

Email us at with any questions or to get involved!

Become a Mentor to one of the children listed below.

Mentors must be Christ followers, 21 years or older, make a 1 year commitment.  We’d love to talk with you and answer any questions you may have.

Nathan (Bloomington)

Age 5 Male

Nathan could use a mentor to spend time with him on a consistent basis.  He especially would enjoy playing sports and physical activities with his mentor. He is a sweet, quiet boy.

**Nathan and Carson are brothers and would benefit from being matched with the same mentor.  No preference on mentor except MALE.

Carson (Bloomington)

Age 6 Male

Carson would benefit from quality time spent with a mentor.  He is active and would enjoy sports and other activities.  He is a very outgoing boy!

Will (Normal)

Age 10 Male

Will would love to have a male mentor who could consistently spend time with him. He enjoys playing video games and football.  He could use help with schoolwork as a 5th grader as well.

**No preference on mentor except MALE

Jordan (Normal)

Age 9 Male

He would like someone to just spend time with him. He is an athletic and active young man. He enjoys basketball, swimming and outdoors. Jordan is also very into video games. He is an avid reader. Jordan enjoys television and movies. He has a very creative mind and is artistic. He is fun and sweet and resilient!

**Male mentor in college age or in 20s

Allison (Bloomington)

Age 4 Female

Allison needs time one-on-one with someone who will spend time with her.  She has a sibling with some special needs and she could use some time and positive attention that she sometimes misses out on. She is intelligent, loving and outgoing.

** An ideal mentor for Allison would be in her 20’s or 30’s.

Katie (Bloomington)

Age 13 Female

Katie is a fun, outgoing, sociable and friendly teen.  She enjoys participating in recreational activities and gets along with everyone she meets!  She would benefit from tutoring, recreational activities like skating, basketball, going to movies, or just hanging out.)

Jack (Bloomington)

Age 15 Male

Jack is an only child and would benefit having a mentor to do activities with , someone to be a listener and can be a positive role model for him.

**Looking for a college age mentor- Mondays and Fridays after 3 pm.

Email us at with any questions or to get involved!

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