Foster ParentingDec. 7, 2015

Make a Difference Monday: Defining Success and Failure as a Foster Parent

You don’t have to be perfect parents to be perfect foster parents. Inherent in the role is the pressure to be amazing because “you are doing something amazing” (what others may have said to you) – an expectation no human can live up to, nor should ever have to.


Foster parents are not saints or heroes or spiritual rock stars. We are humans. Real moms and dads that struggle, stumble and mess up. We get annoyed, frustrated and exhausted. We don’t have all the answers and don’t even know the right questions to ask most of the time.


Give yourself some grace. Cut yourself some slack. Your job is not to be the savior of these kids, it’s simply to love these kids as your Savior has loved you. Fully. Sacrificially. Painstakingly. Honestly.

God didn’t call you to this because he thought you could handle it. He called you to it to show that through you, He is handling it. He is using you, a mere human, to help solve a seemingly insurmountable human problem. Confusion, frustration and exhaustion are inevitable and unavoidable – but He is faithful and good and right there with you, even when you’re not sure you can handle any more of this.

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Jason JohnsonJason Johnson

Jason Johnson is a foster and adoptive father and a regular writer and speaker on orphan care related issues. He has 13 years of pastoral ministry experience including planting a church in 2008. He is the author of ALL IN Orphan Care and currently leads the National Church Mobilization Initiative with Christian Alliance for Orphans. He has a deep passion to see a movement of orphan care be mobilized and sustained within the Church.

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