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Forgotten Friday | Broken – Following Jesus’ Example of Unconditional Love

I examined the two pieces that should have been one piece.

My eyes drifted to the other broken one a few feet away.

And my mind drifted to the other broken things throughout the week.

We’re a new foster family to three little boys. And I’m learning many lessons…

one of which is that three boys are hard on things.

The first broken thing wasn’t a big deal.

Neither was the second…

The third was a bigger deal.

And the fourth and fifth shouldn’t have been, but they were. Just because they were…well, fourth and fifth.

My frustration was mounting, to say the least, right along with the pile of broken things.

But then God reminded me…

Of little boys learning Bible verses. For the very first time.

Of little boys hearing the song “Jesus Loves Me.” And listening with awe written all over their faces.

Of little boys asking me to read God’s Word to them. Every single day.

Of little boys saying they don’t know how to pray. And then discovering how. And then giving it a stumbling, wobbly, beautiful try. Every chance they get.

And that pile of broken things?

Well, you can imagine that they didn’t matter so much any more.

It turns out there’s one more thing that will inevitably break.

But not while they’re here.

It will break when they leave.

My heart.

I could guard it. Protect it. Shelter it. Build a nice thick wall around it to make sure it doesn’t get broken.

I’m not a fan of broken things, when it comes right down to it.

But I’m well aware that protecting my heart would also prevent me from loving three little boys fully. Unreservedly.

The way my Father and my Jesus have taught me to love.

A love that doesn’t hold back.

A love that knows the risks and takes them anyway.

A love that recognizes the impending broken heart and refuses to build walls of protection.

Jesus’ Example of Unconditional Love

Do you remember the scene in the Upper Room as Jesus celebrated the Passover with His disciples before His death?

He told them one of them would betray Him.

Their response?

They began to question among themselves which of them it might be who would do this. (Luke 22:23)

Here’s what they didn’t say: “Oh, it must be Judas. Jesus has never treated him as well as the rest of us, and now we know why.”


They had no idea who it was.

Which means my Jesus, as omniscient God knowing the betrayal that would come from the hand of this “friend”…

Befriended him anyway.

Embraced him anyway.

Loved him anyway.

With no reservations.

No holding back.

No walls around His heart.

A heart He knew would inevitably be broken.

And so these three little boys?

They’re worth the broken things.

Every single one.

And I would gladly endure my own heart being shattered a thousand times if it means they have a chance to learn about the One who wants to heal their hearts.

The One who is teaching me to love this way…

with no regard for the broken things.



Jennifer Clarke Jennifer Clarke

Loving child of Almighty God, adoring wife, homeschooling mother of three, and thankful foster mom, Jennifer is active in teaching and music ministries in her local church. She is passionate about encountering her Savior and about encouraging other women to do the same. It would be an honor to have you visit her at A Divine Encounter!

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