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Current Needs Elko Area – Nevada

  1. Cribs and mattresses
  2. Car seats for toddlers and infants
  3. Furniture, e.g. dressers, beds/and mattresses
  4. Diapers, baby wipes, bottles, playpen, age appropriate toys, children’s books, baby shampoo/wash/ lotion/powder/and diaper rash ointment cream, and baby formula
  5. Clothing for all ages according to the season/weather
  6. Bedding items, blankets, towels, toiletry bags for males/females
  7. Gift Cards Household cleaning products
  8. Shoes for all ages
  9. School backpacks/school supplies
Gloria Torma

Gloria Torma

TFI Advocate: Washoe County, NV

Gloria and her husband Michael began working with their local social services agency and churches in 2012 after attending an orientation and being moved by the overwhelming desire to serve in this area. Since then they have been blessed to expand the ministry partnership with the agencies throughout Nevada and as the West Coast Regional Coordinator for Orphan Sunday Gloria has been privileged to introduce Orphan Sunday to many of the rural Nevada areas. Michael and Gloria are also foster parents and enjoy working with the local recruitment and training team to recruit and encourage new foster parents. Although there is a level of sadness that accompanies foster care/adoption/orphan ministries Michael and Gloria believe passionately in the power and potential of the churches working together with the agencies, families, and professionals involved in the Nevada child welfare system to make lasting positive impacts for future generations.

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