Illinois - GalesburgMar. 11, 2016

Designer for Project Sunshine | Galesburg, IL

Are you gifted in transforming ordinary rooms into beautiful spaces!?!

We need your interior design expertise for a local foster care agency visiting room, where children play when they are brought into care or during visits with their birth parents.

What does the Designer Role look like:
– Assess needs and take measurements of room
– Take before pictures of the room
– Create room design
– Coordinate with shopping team to purchase necessary supplies
– Help implement the design vision on project day

Message us on Facebook Galesburg, IL: The Forgotten Initiative or email us at

Madison Flack

Madison Flack

TFI Advocate: Galesburg, IL

Growing up as a farm girl, Madison’s heart has been fashioned to pursue a cause that is greater than herself. She will graduate from Judson University with a Bachelor’s degree in Christian Ministry in just a few short months. As a ministry student she began serving with TFI in Elgin, IL a year and a half ago. Back in her hometown of Galesburg, IL, Madison is passionate and eager to serve the local foster care agencies and churches within the community.

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