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Forgotten Friday | When the Phone Rings


Hi it’s me again, I’m calling about a child,
If you have a minute to talk, I promise it will be worth your while

Yes we’ve got another one,
This poor girl’s come into care,
She’s been through a lot,
And we can’t send her back to you know where

She cries, she fights, she hoards, she lies,
But if you take a moment,
And look into her eyes,
She’s broken, she’s torn, she puts up a fight,
But deep in her heart she is not alright

Help me, help her and help him too,
They will be left alone if it wasn’t for you,
Help heal her wounds that cut so deep,
She says she’s ready for her final sleep

We can’t let this happen,
We can’t let her go,
There’s one last thing she has to know,
She’s worthy of love, she has a big heart,
And should have been treated fairly,
Right from the start

Thank you for having her placed in your home,
I trust that she will never have to feel alone,
This may not be forever and that will be okay,
Because I know she will go to a safe home,
And you’ve guided her along the way!

Tanisha LeeT

Tanisha Lee is a Foster Care Recruiter and Licensing Specialist at Children’s Home Society of Florida inJacksonville. She has been working in the child welfare and early childhood education field for nearly 10 years.

Tanisha recieved her Bachelors of Science in Psychology from University of Maryland University College in 2011. Tanisha is currently a graduate student at Capella University in the Marriage and Family Therapy Program. She will graduate with her Master’s in Science in the August 2016 and begin her journey to become a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of Florida.

Tanisha has dedicated her professional career working with children and families in many capacities. She has become an advocate for those most vulnerable and cannot be heard. Tanisha currently resides in Kingsland, Georgia with her 16 month old daughter and parents.


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