Find a Need, South Carolina - ColumbiaJun. 24, 2016

Current Needs For Columbia, SC (June 2016)

*School Supplies for Foster Children

We are partnering with a private agency to collect school supplies for the 47 children in their care. They will have a party at the end of the summer to celebrate with the children and help them get ready for school. We have already had back packs donated for each child, but they need to be filled. Items needed include notebooks, binders, markers, tissue, headphones, crayons, hand sanitizer, paper, pens, and pencils. If you would like to donate individually or host a drive for these supplies, please message us on Facebook or email

*Used Tablets for DSS
Do you have a tablet of any kind that you no longer use? Recently, we had a generous donor pass on their used Nook for a local DSS office. It will be used for older children and teens who have to wait in the office to watch TV or play games while they wait. DSS was thrilled to have it! We would like to try to provide them with a few more tablets so that workers can check them out as needed for travel, etc. Email if you can help!

*Items For Local Children’s Shelter
One of the agencies we partner with is completing some renovations and has some needs for the newly renovated building (things like desks, beds, and other furniture as well as washcloths, towels, and other household items). If you or your group is interested in helping meet a need in this way, please contact us by emailing and we can send you a file with all the needs listed by room. We also have a link to a summer wish list with fun items like water balloons and snacks for the kids that we can send you via email!

*Worker Appreciation Teams
We are looking for churches or groups that would be willing to partner with us to do something special on a monthly basis to care for and encourage workers at the agencies we serve. Simple things like baked goods, goody bags, notes of encouragement, or a special breakfast will let workers know that they are remembered and appreciated as they do the important work of caring for children. We serve agencies of different sizes, so even if your group is not big, you can still be involved. If you are interested, please email so that we can discuss the possibilities and help get your group connected!

Rachel Lawrence

Rachel Lawrence

TFI Advocate: Columbia, SC

Rachel is married to Jonathan and has three daughters through the gift of adoption. She wants to be more like Jesus and to live a life of gratitude for all He is and has done. Until recently, she didn’t have much exposure to or experience with the foster care community; but the more she learned about it, the more she realized that she wanted to be involved with something so near to the heart of Jesus. She is excited about what God is doing and will continue to do in the foster care community in her city and feels honored to get to be a part of it!

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