Find a Need, Illinois - BloomingtonJul. 13, 2016

July 2016 – Current Needs in Bloomington/Normal, IL

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Service Projects

Storage facility needs organized!

  • We need your small group, youth group, etc to spend a few hours helping our TFI team organize our warehouse storage area so we can better serve the agencies in our community?

Journey Bags Needed for:

  • 0-3 month boy
  • 6-9 month girl
  • 2T girl
  • 7-8 year old boy
  • 7-8 year old girl

Contact us for complete lists of what to include in Journey Bags.  

Summer Emergency Clothing (used to clothe children who come into DCFS after being removed from their homes)

We are looking for one *new* outfit for each size listed.  We always except *new* undergarments and shoes for the various sizes as well!

**Update – we currently have only 2 outfits left!  Please help us finish this off!

  • 9-12 month girl (NEED MET!! Thank you!)
  • 24 month girl (NEED MET!! Thank you!)
  • 6-7 year old girl (NEED MET!! Thank you!)
  • 10-12 year old girl (NEED MET!! Thank you!)
  • 14-16 year old girl
  • 0-3 month boy (2) (NEED MET!! Thank you!)
  • 3-6 month boy (1) (NEED MET!! Thank you!)
  • 24 month boy (1) (NEED MET!! Thank you!)
  • 2T boy (1) (NEED MET!! Thank you!)
  • 12-14 month boy (1) (NEED MET!! Thank you!)
  • size 6 boy shorts (NEED MET!! Thank you!)
  • size 8-10 boy shirts (2) (NEED MET!! Thank you!)
  • boys medium shirt (1) (NEED MET!! Thank you!)
  • size 4-5 boy shorts (NEED MET!! Thank you!)
  • size small boy short (NEED MET!! Thank you!)
  • size large MEN’s gym shorts

Mentors Needed!

1a. Nathan (Bloomington)

Age 5 Male

Nathan could use a mentor to spend time with him on a consistent basis.  He especially would enjoy playing sports and physical activities with his mentor. He is a sweet, quiet boy.

**Nathan and Carson are brothers and would benefit from being matched with the same mentor.  No preference on mentor except MALE.

1b. Carson (Bloomington)

Age 6 Male

Carson would benefit from quality time spent with a mentor.  He is active and would enjoy sports and other activities.  He is a very outgoing boy!

2.  Will (Normal)

Age 10 Male

Will would love to have a male mentor who could consistently spend time with him. He enjoys playing video games and football.  He could use help with schoolwork as a 5th grader as well.

**No preference on mentor except MALE

3.  Jordan (Normal)

Age 9 Male

He would like someone to just spend time with him. He is an athletic and active young man. He enjoys basketball, swimming and outdoors. Jordan is also very into video games. He is an avid reader. Jordan enjoys television and movies. He has a very creative mind and is artistic. He is fun and sweet and resilient!

**Male mentor in college age or in 20s

4. Jack (Bloomington)

Age 15 Male

Jack is an only child and would benefit having a mentor to do activities with , someone to be a listener and can be a positive role model for him.

**Looking for a college age mentor- Mondays and Fridays after 3 pm.

5. Sam (Gridley)

Age 8 Male

Sam likes outdoors and especially basketball. He enjoys cars and tractors.  He loves movies. He would enjoy any type of outing with his mentor.

**Needs a male mentor

**Real names not used

Email us with any questions or to get involved!



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