The Forgotten PodcastJul. 4, 2016

The Importance of a Mentor

Kari Sowers, In-House Counsel and Lead Trainer for The Mentoring Project, discuss the importance of mentoring, including common pitfalls and challenges in launching a mentoring program—and the incredible impact it can have in a child’s or teen’s life. You’ll have a fresh view of mentoring after you listen!

Every child deserves a mentor.

–Kari Sowers

In this episode, you’ll discover…

  • The story behind The Mentoring Project.
  • Why it’s important to start a mentoring program small—one step at a time.
  • The benefits a mentor provides to at-risk kids.

Meet our Guest!

KariSowersKari Sowers is an Intellectual Property attorney, host of the Manifest Collab podcast and oversees all content under the Manifest Collab + Create umbrella. Kari is also the Co-Founder of PLACE Conference and serves as In-House Counsel and Lead Trainer for The Mentoring Project. An avid gardener, Kari co-founded and led a community teaching garden in a food scarce portion of Portland, OR. Kari and her family reside in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Most importantly, she is wife to John, and mom to their twin daughters. The Sowers are expecting their third child in July 2016. Connect with Kari on social media using Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.


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Meet our Host!

IMG_0117Jami Kaeb is a dreamer and a coffee lover! She is married to Clint and the mother of seven–five through adoption. It was through a difficult season of waiting, that Clint and Jami’s eyes were opened to the foster care community. They became foster parents to three siblings who they eventually adopted, and in April of 2011, Jami founded The Forgotten Initiative. Follow Jami’s personal blog for real life perspective on parenting seven children!

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  • Jennifer Hall says:
    November 11, 2016 at 10:57 am

    This was such an encouraging episode – I listened to it twice! I realized that I couldn’t multitask during this one so then I just started it over and I’m so glad I did! I didn’t realize just how big TFI is and how I can get involved! I can’t wait to learn more. Thank you for all you do.

    • Hi Jenny–so glad you were blessed by this episode! I’m not sure how you found our podcast, but our website is a great place to learn more about TFI and what we do– Also, more podcasts can be found at Please let us know if you have specific questions–we’d love to have you get involved with your local foster care community. There are a lot of ways to do that! Thanks for listening and writing!

      For the Forgotten Initiative–

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