Georgia - Colquitt CountyDec. 6, 2016

Ripple Effect: Sebrina Kline

Sebrina Kline says she has always had a heart for helping even as a teen when she helped those who were in need at her church or on the school bus. Add to that a defining childhood experience where her cousins were severely abused by a relative and placed in foster care, and there is little doubt as to what led to Sebrina’s career choice of social worker.


She admits that the hardest part of her job is encountering situations where she feels like she hasn’t made a difference regardless of how hard she has tried to help a child or family. That reality that not everyone can be helped is hard to accept and she often has to focus on the ones who have been helped through her efforts. And yet, she continues to do what she does because as she says, “I tell myself someone has to do this job and God has chosen me to be one of those people.” She admits it can be difficult though, often feeling like you have neglected your own family and at the same time dealing with a job that is very emotionally draining.

To those considering entering social work as a career, Sebrina urges that you consider your motives and be honest about what the job will require of you. She says, “It is not for the faint of heart and you won’t be able to ‘save’ everyone that crosses your path.” However, she admits that “it is rewarding work for those who are a fit and there is a definite need in the field for people who are looking for a career where they can help strengthen families.”

Sebrina says she has cherished the opportunity for social services to partner with TFI, the churches, and other local organizations adding that “the needs our families are experiencing must be met by the entire community.” Partnering with the local TFI and being a pilot for the Care Portal to meet the needs of families in crisis has been a blessing of support – one she looks forward to strengthening as the needs of the vulnerable in our community continue to increase.


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