Georgia - Colquitt CountyJan. 10, 2017

TFI Mentoring – Colquitt County

Children and vulnerable adults in the foster care system need to know that they matter to someone. The Forgotten Initiative provides training and support to the Body of Christ to mentor these often forgotten individuals.



  1. Tutoring
  2. Job/life skill training
  3. Relationship building
As a mentor, you will meet with your child once a week, outside of school, to do activities of your’s and the child’s choosing. Amount of time spent each week really is unlimited and will be based on approval from the child’s foster family.


  1. Commitment to TFI statement of faith
  2. Complete application process
  3. Fulfill TFI/agency training requirements
  4. 18+ years old with a valid driver’s license
  5. Successful background check
  6. 1 year commitment


  1. Attend training – TFI Colquitt County partners with Titus Ranch quarterly for third party training. The cost is $15 and includes lunch and training materials.
  2. Determine if mentoring is for you
  3. Complete TFI Mentoring Application
  4. Work with agency to complete their application process, including background check
  5. Accept referral of mentee
  6. Meet your mentee and begin building your relationship!

You must pre-register for the training by emailing

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