Illinois - GalesburgFeb. 1, 2017

Make Project Sunshine Happen

We are so excited to transform the visiting room at a local foster care agency in Galesburg, IL. Children are brought into foster care at all hours of the day or night and often wait hours in agency visitation rooms while workers try to find available homes. These rooms are also used for parent/child visits. We want these rooms to show these children and families that THEY MATTER and we care for them!  Will you join us?

We have included pictures of what the room looks like now. We can’t wait to show you the transformed pictures.



The Project Design:

Our project design includes several aspects that the room is currently missing. We hope to create a space where young adults feel comfortable by including a flat screen TV and Wii. We are looking forward to giving caseworkers their own space to observe by incorporating a floating desk and stool. Our campaign goal includes paint, storage containers, area rug, furniture, and window blinds.

The Project Date is set for Saturday, April 8th.

We can’t do this project alone! We are asking for your prayers and financial support. Simply give online and indicate the Galesburg, IL Advocate Area.

God is at work in the Galesburg area, bringing joy and purpose to the foster care community. It is a blessing to be a part of this journey with you. If you have any specific questions please contact us at

Madison Flack

Madison Flack

TFI Advocate: Galesburg, IL

Growing up as a farm girl, Madison’s heart has been fashioned to pursue a cause that is greater than herself. She will graduate from Judson University with a Bachelor’s degree in Christian Ministry in just a few short months. As a ministry student she began serving with TFI in Elgin, IL a year and a half ago. Back in her hometown of Galesburg, IL, Madison is passionate and eager to serve the local foster care agencies and churches within the community.

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