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Make a Difference Monday | Lines in the Sand

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There are two meanings for drawing a line in the sand. One is that you make a decision not to cross a certain point. No more movement forward, not one more step past it.

The other meaning is that a firm decision has been made and you cross that line and never go back.

Isn’t that interesting?

One line. You either stop right before it or go full-force through it.

We’re staring at that line right now. Actually, we’re staring at a lot of lines.

Lines in the sand, drawn by God. Our toes are inching their way forward–not out of stubbornness or fear–but just out of the sheer fact that some things take time. Some lines are closer than others. Some are on the horizon. But they’re there.

This weekend we are training to become foster parents. Come Sunday afternoon, a line will have been crossed.

Then we will do paperwork. And have background checks. And a home study. Physicals. These are other lines to cross in a few weeks. And we’ll cross them.

At some point in the near future, there will be another one. A bigger one. A major event like getting married or having a child or becoming a believer. The kind that divides the “before” and the “after.” This line is the one that holds the heart of a little one, who is hurting and scared and needing us.

I’m not sure how we will cross that line, but we’ll do it. We may be on our knees crawling over it. And clasping hands with others who will help us through it. And raising palms to the only One who will be before it, in it, and after it.

What it looks like on the other side, only God knows. That’s an interesting phenomenon that comes when you decide to step over these types of lines. You can’t totally see over it and past it or through it. But I’m guessing that it’s beautiful. And hard. And messy. And undoubtedly worth crossing over.

We all have our own lines that we draw in the sand. Are you about to cross over one?

Katie Kenny Phillips

Katie Kenny Phillips lives in Atlanta with her husband, Jeff, and their five hilarious kids (3 biological and 2 by way of foster care and adoption). Their home is made up of two parts Legos, one part dirt/sticks/rocks, and all parts “whose underwear is this and why is it in the middle of the family room?” She and her husband help lead their church’s orphan/foster care ministry and spend time encouraging and supporting families who are on foster and adoption journeys. Read more of Katie’s blog, Operation Leap of Faith.

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  • Thank you so much for deciding to make a difference in the life of a child! Although it will change your family dynamics, you will also find fulfillment in what you are doing. There are thousands of children in need of a good home. I recruit for families to become foster parents and it touches my heart every time I hear stories of families opening up their home to a child in need.

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