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Make a Difference Monday | Fostering is a Family Affair: Thank You for Venturing with Us!

When Joel and I signed our contract to be foster parents through the state of Kentucky, we didn’t realize that we were also signing the names of all of our family members and close friends. Although they did not know it at the time, our decision to do foster care was their decision to do foster care. Though they initially sat before us a little wide-eyed at our decision to open our home for foster care, from the moment our little guy was placed into our arms they have given themselves wholeheartedly as papa, grandma, auntie, uncle, cousin and dear friend to our sweet boy. They have done this even without the promise that he would be their grandson, nephew or cousin forever.

At times Joel and I have felt cruel for putting them through this. For well over a year, every good-bye was tear-filled, and loaded with the fear that this may be the last good-bye. “He may not be ours at Christmas,” my mom would cry as she kissed his sweet forehead one more time. My heart would ache as I watched our little boy’s Papa and Pops fight back tears while we gathered our things to leave. I struggled as I looked into the confused eyes of my nieces and nephews and tried to explain that although they were able to have their cousin with them for Christmas, he may not be back with us to celebrate Easter or go to the cabin in the summer. It has been a long and difficult road, but our courageous family and friends have walked with us each step of the way.

We are beyond grateful, and still somewhat a bit shocked, that saying good-bye is no longer the reality. Soon, a two and half year chapter will come to a close and a new one will begin. One in which this little boy is our son, a Lind all the days of his life. We stand in awe and grateful for how the Lord has used the prayers of our friends and family and worked on our little guy’s behalf.

As we anticipate our son’s upcoming adoption day, Joel and I want to say from the bottom of our hearts, thank you. Thank you for bearing with us in the uncertainties, thank you for opening your hearts regardless of what the outcome would be, thank you for crying out to God on our little guy’s behalf, and thank you for taking care of us and praying for our weary hearts in the process.

We realize many of you won’t be able to join us for Sammy’s adoption day, but we know you rejoice with us from afar. We thank God for you and the way you have journeyed with us on this winding path of foster care and we will be sure to let you know when the next adventure begins. 🙂


Brittany Lind

Brittany Lind is a wife, mother, and writer. She and her husband, Joel, live in Louisville, Kentucky, where they are members of Third Avenue Baptist Church. You can follow her on Twitter (@brittanyklind) or read more about their foster journey on their blog, Life with the Linds.

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