Who Loves SeriesMar. 19, 2018

Big News from The Forgotten Initiative | The Who Loves Series Launch!

Okay, so I am pretty pumped! The Forgotten Initiative is releasing a children’s book series called Who Loves!!

I’ve never authored anything before, so this is a pretty huge honor for me. This writing journey has also made me even more grateful for the team of people I get to serve with. You guys, writing, not to mention learning how to publish and market books, is no joke!

We need each other. Each of us using our gifts, our roles, our life experiences to pour into one another. We especially need each other in the foster care world!

The Forgotten Initiative’s mission is to bring joy and purpose to the foster care community. Children in foster care typically have a lot of people moving in and out of their lives, which can make them believe no one loves them.

The Who Loves series is designed primarily for children in foster care. We hope the books will offer them a new perspective because they are loved. They matter. They have purpose!

Years ago, I was fearful of foster care and adoption. But God was faithful to bring people into my life who helped completely redefine my perspective. Now I’m a mom of seven, and five of our kids joined our family through foster care and adoption.

Maybe you can relate. I hope these books will bring you a new perspective, too! Did you know over 250,000 children across our nation come into foster care each year?

My friends, we must act on their behalf. They need our compassion and they need our action.

Will you join us in spreading the message to children in foster care that they are loved, not only by those who care for them, but by the God who created them for a special, unique role only they can fill?

We need YOU to help share the news! How? Well, I’m glad you asked! Here are a couple of easy ways:

• Share this post!
• Encourage your friends to visit www.wholovesseries.org to learn more!
Purchase a few books for yourself or others!
• Use the hashtag #wholovesseries when you post about the books!

Let’s do this together!

On behalf of the forgotten,


Jami Kaeb

Jami is the founder and Executive Director of The Forgotten Initiative. Jami and her husband, Clint, are parents to seven children: two biological daughters, two sons adopted internationally (Guatemala and Uganda) and a sibling set of three (two boys and a girl) adopted from foster care. Jami shares often on her blog, Life with a Personal God, in hopes of being an encouragement to you!




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