Adoption, Forgotten Fridays, Foster ParentingNov. 30, 2018

Forgotten Friday | This Gift Called Adoption

Nearly 12 years ago, I was a young mom of one. Paige, still an infant, was lying on my bed while I folded laundry and listened to a radio interview of an adoptive family sharing their story.

I felt a tug in my spirit and fear gripped my heart. “Oh Lord, I hope you are not trying to tell me something.

Adoption scared me. It was unknown. It was not my dream. It was not my plan…well, unless we couldn’t have biological children. That’s what we said at least.

But God.

Slowly, we became more aware of this thing called adoption. We started to see former orphans joining their forever families. And the statistics starting coming to life. These were kids…not numbers.

The awareness led to curiosity and the curiosity to a flutter of excitement. “Maybe we should pray about whether adoption is something God wants for our family,” Clint and I discussed one night.

And then it happened.

I remember the night so clearly. I was lying in bed when God turned my heart around. Suddenly, a passion burned in my heart and the next morning I started researching adoption online. Clint, my steady-eddy husband had been on board before me, and so our journey began.

A year or two after that, while holding our son Hudson–born in Guatemala–I heard that same radio interview but my response was 100% different this time.

Instead of fear, I felt overwhelmed with gratitude. “Thank you Lord, thank you for allowing us the privilege of adopting.”

The journey has twisted and turned since then. There have been great joys and great sorrows. But as I look around at my family, I am overwhelmed again. What a gift we’ve been given in our family. Two beautiful daughters came first and then four beautiful gifts through adoption and one on the way, God willing. I am forever grateful.

Whatever journey God has for you, follow Him. Open your hands and allow Him to change your heart. He has an adventure waiting for you but He needs your heart and your willingness.

Thank you Jesus for adopting me into your family. You are the greatest gift.

Jami Kaeb

Jami is the founder and Executive Director of The Forgotten Initiative. Jami and her husband, Clint, are parents to seven children: two biological daughters, two sons adopted internationally (Guatemala and Uganda) and a sibling set of three (two boys and a girl) adopted from foster care. Jami shared often on her blog, Life with a Personal God, during her family’s adoption and foster care journeys, and she is now sharing them here in hopes of being an encouragement to you!

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