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Advocacy, Aging Out Youth, Children in Foster Care, Forgotten Fridays, Foster Care Workers, Foster Parenting, Vulnerable ParentsAug. 15, 2014

Forgotten Friday: (Re)Humanizing Foster Care

Foster care can be cold and sterile. Like courtrooms. Medicaid offices. Hospital waiting rooms. This is not to say foster care is boring and monotonous – it’s anything but that. It is to say, however, that the places foster care takes you and the demands it requires of you can sometimes feel more legal than relational and more painstaking than life changing. The humanity of foster care is often lost in the bureaucracy of foster care. In the midst of training hours, paperwork, court hearings and medicare appointments the fact that we are dealing with real people who have real […]

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Aging Out Youth, Children in Foster Care, Forgotten FridaysApr. 18, 2014

Forgotten Friday: A Story of an Aged-Out Youth

In Demetria’s sparsely-furnished apartment, the Tulsan settled into a chair to tell the story of what her life was like before and after she transitioned out of foster care at age 18. “This is the first time I’ve spoken about any of this,” she said. “I thought no one would believe me.” Demetria is 25 now, but she was 7 years old when she entered OKDHS ncustody. At the time, she had to escape a life where her mother’s abusive boyfriend allegedly raped Demetria’s younger sister and beat Demetria with electrical cords. Later, Demetria’s mother unsuccessfully tried to obtain full custody […]

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Advocate Wednesdays, Aging Out Youth, Children in Foster Care, MentoringMar. 26, 2014

Advocate Wednesday: Mentoring – Making Disciples

MENTORING… Stepping into the lives of children or vulnerable adults affected by foster care through relationship building, tutoring, or job/life skill training. God has opened doors for us to start up a mentor program for foster children in our Elgin, IL area. As believers, we strive to be like Jesus. Was Jesus a mentor? What did Jesus do the night before He chose His twelve disciples? Luke 6:12-13, “In these days he went out to the mountain to pray, and all night he continued in prayer to God. And when day came, he called his disciples, and chose from them twelve, […]

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Aging Out Youth, Make a Difference MondaysDec. 16, 2013

Make a Difference Monday: Awesome Blessings to Aging-Out Youth

Bakersfield, CA Back in May TFI: Bakersfield, CA was able to bless high school graduates in foster care with a celebration night! They gave out… 82 graduation cards with a $40-$50 gift card in each! And 6 gift baskets for kids in the Independent Living Program! Girls were blessed with new hair dryers, straighteners, nail polish and all sorts of fun girly things!  Guys were blessed with sports and outdoorsy things!   The Lord is doing amazing things across the nation in each TFI Advocate Area!  His children are moving to be Jesus’ hands and feet and showing true love […]

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Advocacy, Aging Out Youth, Children in Foster Care, Forgotten FridaysSep. 20, 2013

Forgotten Fridays: My Story… as a Child in Foster Care

I went into foster care when I was nine.  I had been abused and neglected and was scared, but what scared me more was what would happen if I didn’t leave. I ran away, to my dad first and later to the police. I was desperate. I didn’t know what the future held, all I knew was that I had to get out. We struggled financially to the point of eating out of garbage cans, we didn’t have socks or underwear, we were physically, sexually and psychologically abused.  My mom was unpredictable, an alcoholic who brought home men from the […]

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Advocacy, Aging Out Youth, Children in Foster Care, Forgotten Fridays, Foster ParentingSep. 13, 2013

Forgotten Fridays: My Story as a foster parent

I am an adoptive parent, a biological parent, step parent, foster parent, and grandparent.  I am a mom. I am not a perfect parent, a saint, or a hero. I have 2 biological children, 3 adopted children, 5 step children and have parented over 25 foster children back in the 90’s.  Thankfully all but 2 of these children are adults.  My husband and I recently got licensed to be foster parents with Youthville and are hoping to adopt a 15 year old girl, who we met for the first time Memorial Day weekend.  We have been told she has significant […]

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Aging Out Youth, Make a Difference MondaysAug. 26, 2013

Make a Difference Monday: Welcome Home Baskets

So often teens age out of foster care with no family to help them transition, no one to help guide them with job coaching or how to apply to colleges, and no one to help them get their apartment ready to live in.  With Welcome Home Baskets the Body of Christ can rise up, support young adults and prepare them for a life of success.   “We’ve had amazing volunteers rise up and put together a Welcome Home Basket for a teen in foster care going away to college. A huge thank you to the Body of Christ for rising […]

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Aging Out Youth, Make a Difference MondaysAug. 5, 2013

Make a Difference Monday: Thank You for First Response

Thank you. Not just for responding so quickly, putting my name throughout the proper channel to get exactly what I asked for, but for helping me get what I have been stressing over since I first got my apartment. There just isn’t many people who would help me and I had no other favors to call in, no friends moving, estranged family throwing away any odd and ends, I just gave up and said once I could find a job I would get what I needed but Mrs. Liz told me to be specific and she’d see what she could […]

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