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Advocacy, Advocate Wednesdays, Children in Foster Care, Family Support, Foster ParentingApr. 8, 2015

Advocate Wednesday: I am…2nd

I am beaten, broken, scared. I have wounds that may never heal. I am terrified of tomorrow and yet, rejoice in today. I am a mother, an adoptive mother, a foster mother. I am real, though appear fake.  The war I fight is not seen by many and my battle wounds are mostly invisible. I fight for my children, literally fight for their lives, on a daily basis. I am tired. I am writing from one of the darkest places I have yet had to visit inside myself. If I did not have the light of Jesus, I would not […]

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Family Support, Foster Parenting, Make a Difference MondaysMar. 23, 2015

Make a Difference Monday: Ten Simple Ways Your Church Can Serve Foster Families

Foster care is a Church problem, not a state child welfare problem. It is a Gospel issue first, not a government issue. The Church has both the duty and privilege to speak on behalf of and stand for the sake of those who cannot speak and stand for themselves because that is exactly what God has done for us through Jesus. That’s the Gospel. Kids in foster care are not the government’s kids, they are God’s kids and therefore the Church’s responsibility. In response, many families choose to submit to the laborious and often painstaking process of becoming licensed foster […]

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Advocacy, Family Support, Foster ParentingMar. 12, 2015

Advocate Wednesday: Feelings of Inadequacy

We all struggle with feelings of inadequacy. We all struggle with pride. They’re in all of us and they are a hindrance to the work the Lord wants to do through us. On the one hand, focusing on our weaknesses and inadequacies can stop us from taking on a ministry – it can keep us from being bold for the Lord – it can make us think we can never do anything great for His kingdom. On the other hand, pride can make us self-reliant – thinking it’s our abilities that got us where we are – forgetting that any […]

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Advocate Wednesdays, Family Support, Vulnerable ParentsMar. 4, 2015

Advocate Wednesday: Foster Care – My Experience as a Biological Mom

It is true that life as a foster parent can be hard, but the life of the biological parent is excruciatingly hard.  Here is a biological mom’s story and the beauty of the impact of The Forgotten Initiative’s work in her life. When I was asked to do this blog from the perspective of a biological parent who had her children taken into foster care, I jumped at the chance.  Here is my story. In 2012 four of my children were taken from me and placed into foster care, separated into three different homes. This is my side of the […]

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