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Children in Foster Care, Forgotten FridaysApr. 19, 2013

Forgotten Fridays: Kids like David

4 year old David had known true neglect in his young life.  One evening shortly after transitioning into a new but very loving foster home, his foster mama shared with him that she was going out with some friends but “Daddy Jon would be with him and she would be back soon.” With fear in his eyes, David looked up and asked “but will Daddy Jon forget to feed me?” My friends, this absolutely breaks my heart.  Kids like David have faced rejection, neglect, abuse, and so much more over the course of their lives.   Kids like David need you and […]

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Forgotten Fridays, Foster ParentingMar. 29, 2013

Forgotten Fridays: Being the "Other Woman" (the foster mom)

Foster Moms, you have a hard job.  I know you know that.  Nobody gets into this thinking it will be simple and easy.  We instinctively know it’s going to be a challenge to win the heart of a child who has been through some kind of trauma, but I remember when it dawned on me why it was sometimes harder for me than it was for my husband. Our first experience raising kids was when we were houseparenting at a children’s home.  We worked with boys ages 6-18.  I remember after a few months of this experience having the frustrating […]

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Children in Foster Care, Forgotten Fridays, MentoringMar. 15, 2013

Forgotten Fridays: It’s not about me

I’m sick to my stomach. The 12 year old boy that I used to tutor, I now mentor.  Me, a 23 year old girl, mentoring a 12 year old boy.  I’ve had reservations about this to say the least.  Tutoring was fine, easy, just focus on school work, but mentoring, and doing things with Timothy that I’m not a fan of OR even good at.  But I figured if it worked out to mentor him, I would.  God has a purpose.  I had already built a relationship with him while tutoring and he began to trust me more and more […]

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Forgotten Fridays, Foster ParentingMar. 8, 2013

Forgotten Fridays: Twins!

When you decide to obey God’s calling on your life, you really never know where that will take you.  For me, the call began about 3 years ago. I became more aware of the world of foster care and felt led to learn more. From that came my discovery of The Forgotten Initiative and my advocacy through them here in Birmingham. Then, last spring, the time finally seemed right to take the foster parent training classes and finally at the beginning of January we were officially licensed as foster parents.  Our vision for this was one child younger than our […]

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Forgotten Fridays, Foster Care WorkersMar. 1, 2013

Forgotten Fridays: Question and Answer with a Caseworker

What do you want people to know about Foster Care?  “The first and most important thing to know about Foster Care is that it is temporary . The first goal is and will always be that while we have removed a child in order to keep them safe, we are working on the goal of return home if at all possible. The 2nd goal if that is not possible, is to keep siblings together and also look at a possible relative placement. So every Foster Family has to understand it is not about them or a Social Worker . IT […]

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Forgotten Fridays, Foster ParentingFeb. 22, 2013

Forgotten Fridays: It Happened Today…

For the first time I wept over them. Little Sis’ class was passing me at school, and I turned to look for her. Her best friend took my hand and said, “Where is she?” I squeezed her hand, escaped to my car, and I wept. I wept over the regrets, and the failures, and the successes, and the birthdays, and the smiles, and the moments. Then, I wailed. Afterwards, I threw myself a full fledged pity party. It was more beautiful than anything you have ever attended, complete with a coke, chocolate, and a new pair of cowboy boots (which […]

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Forgotten Fridays, Foster ParentingFeb. 15, 2013

Forgotten Fridays: Unexpected Feelings

Today is little man’s b-day.  We were ready to celebrate.  We had a party planned and lots of people were coming.  It was joyous to wake up with our Big 1 year old.  But there was one thing I didn’t expect as the day went on.  I began to feel sad.  I felt sad that I knew his parents probably wouldn’t call or write or send a card.  I tried not to get choked up but I really was sad.  Even now at 8pm even with little man fast asleep I wish they would call.  I wish they knew we […]

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Forgotten Fridays, Foster ParentingFeb. 8, 2013

Forgotten Fridays: The Weight of Saying "No"

Today, I am a foster mom who is overwhelmed; brought to tears and on my knees in prayer.  I have spit-up on my sweater; I haven’t gotten a full night’s sleep in 7 months, and I’m holding a crying baby as I type.  But these things aren’t the reason for my tears; they do not play a role in my broken heart. Why the sadness?  Why the heavy heart when all in my life appears to be going so well? Because two weeks ago I said “no”.  No to the phone call asking us if we’d like to adopt two […]

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Forgotten FridaysFeb. 1, 2013

Forgotten Fridays: Words from a foster mama

I’m breathing deeply.   Right now, I was suppose to be on a surprise getaway with Sweet Man James for my Christmas present, coordinated to the detail by him and some of my precious foster family friends and my family. Enter Cinderella with cough, throw up, fever and the most pitiful puffy eyes I’ve ever seen. So instead of a fancy dinner rendezvous at Taco Casa, I’m cuddling with our newest Little Bit for the fourth day in a row. I know every Little Pony’s name, and I can do a pretty smooth samba to the Bubble Guppies theme song. […]

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Forgotten FridaysJan. 25, 2013

Forgotten Fridays: A broken system full of brokenness

Today I want to deal with the call to foster care and adoption (international, domestic, and any other way it can happen).  This is a ministry I feel many are called to, yet few answer the call.  Often times we think or say “It is a broken system full of corruption, how can I make a difference?”  Well you can be the one that isn’t corrupt.  If it is international adoption you can make sure that your child isn’t a trafficked child.  You can do this by making sure your agency is upstanding and does due diligence some people even […]

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