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Forgotten Fridays, Foster ParentingNov. 8, 2013

Forgotten Fridays: Let’s Be Clear

Many people say to me: “I could never do what you do.” They mean they couldn’t foster or adopt or, more recently, move in a seventeen-year-old who is expecting in 5 days (GULP!) I understand that. This life we have been called to is not for everyone. These last four years have been crazy, exhausting, and emotional. But, you. You have lifted us and held us. Steadied us and carried us. You have done room makeovers for our foster kids when we were drowning. When we were so underwater with being new parents and learning the system, you swooped in […]

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Children in Foster Care, Forgotten Fridays, Foster ParentingNov. 1, 2013

Forgotten Fridays: Foster Parenting – it’s a journey of faith

As a foster parent, one of the most common responses I received was, Oh I’ve thought about that but I could never give them back — especially if the child went back to a bad situation. While I understand this sentiment, the reality is this, foster parenting is not about us and we don’t know the big picture. Foster parenting is a picture of the gospel. It is dying to self and giving to another with no guarantee that we will receive anything back. It is a journey that draws you closer to the heart of God if you let […]

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Forgotten Fridays, Foster ParentingOct. 25, 2013

Forgotten Fridays: Surprise, It’s a Boy!

Ooohhhh my goodness, when was the last time you held a newborn? I mean, like a 3 days old newborn?? I love babies – they just remind me of all the good there is in the world. Babies are a new start, sort of like New Year’s Day or the first day of school. Now, I understand that some folks don’t like the screaming or the night feedings or the poopy diapers. In my opinion, the fresh start and yummy baby smell completely triumph over all the possible negatives! As I picked him up from the hospital, the nurse and […]

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Forgotten Fridays, Foster ParentingOct. 10, 2013

Forgotten Fridays: Be Part of a Miracle

Sixteen years ago we adopted our first two children from DSS. Eight years ago, we adopted the third through international adoption. So much of my adult life I have had some interest in adoption, orphans, etc. Once in a while I will sign up for an email newsletter or Facebook group for waiting children. Sometimes I am only thinking that I need to pray for each child but other times. . .hum. I dream of what it would be like to give another child a home. Since we are down to one child at home, it didn’t surprise me too […]

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Children in Foster Care, Forgotten FridaysSep. 27, 2013

Forgotten Fridays: From the Children

Quotes from children who have experienced life in foster care… It is very hard in the foster care system. While living in these different places I had to transform myself and pretend to be someone I wasn’t in fear that I would be moved again and unloved. I felt like I was constantly moving, and never had a place to call home. I was always wondering when someone was going to give me a chance and not give up on me as everyone has. I felt voiceless because everyone made decisions for my life without asking what I wanted, and […]

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Advocacy, Aging Out Youth, Children in Foster Care, Forgotten FridaysSep. 20, 2013

Forgotten Fridays: My Story… as a Child in Foster Care

I went into foster care when I was nine.  I had been abused and neglected and was scared, but what scared me more was what would happen if I didn’t leave. I ran away, to my dad first and later to the police. I was desperate. I didn’t know what the future held, all I knew was that I had to get out. We struggled financially to the point of eating out of garbage cans, we didn’t have socks or underwear, we were physically, sexually and psychologically abused.  My mom was unpredictable, an alcoholic who brought home men from the […]

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Advocacy, Aging Out Youth, Children in Foster Care, Forgotten Fridays, Foster ParentingSep. 13, 2013

Forgotten Fridays: My Story as a foster parent

I am an adoptive parent, a biological parent, step parent, foster parent, and grandparent.  I am a mom. I am not a perfect parent, a saint, or a hero. I have 2 biological children, 3 adopted children, 5 step children and have parented over 25 foster children back in the 90’s.  Thankfully all but 2 of these children are adults.  My husband and I recently got licensed to be foster parents with Youthville and are hoping to adopt a 15 year old girl, who we met for the first time Memorial Day weekend.  We have been told she has significant […]

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Children in Foster Care, Forgotten FridaysSep. 12, 2013

Forgotten Fridays: My Story… as a child in foster care

My experience in foster care originally was terrifying and unknown to me.  My life was put in fast forward in a matter of hours. Hours that seemed like I had no control at all of my life nor my brother’s or mother’s.  My mom was a single mother who worked two jobs at any given time to pay the bills and put food on our plates. As I as only 13 or 14 years old at the time. I was becoming a new person and life decided to take a turn for the worst.  In the winter of 2001 my […]

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Children in Foster Care, Forgotten FridaysSep. 6, 2013

Forgotten Fridays: The Children

Traveling back to the very first Forgotten Friday Post… Hey, it’s Jami and I am happy to welcome you to the very first edition of Forgotten Fridays!  The purpose of Fridays here is to give you a look from behind the eyes of those in the foster care community.  Our desire is to help you see from their perspectives and so it seems rather appropriate to start off with this video. I encourage you to watch – especially the first minute of this video and as you do, know that this happens over and over across our nation.  When I saw this video back in November […]

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Children in Foster Care, Forgotten FridaysAug. 30, 2013

Forgotten Fridays: Heartbreaking Quotes from Children in Foster Care

“If the government or those who are in power want to make the foster care system better, what they should do is just ask a foster kid. Talk to one of them. They can tell you exactly what they need. What they need is what most children and even teens need…Someone who cares about them, someone who will listen to them and hold them when they are scared. What they need is what any child needs…a family who loves them.” – Luis  “It’s about my entire life, it’s not just about my childhood. I want to know that I’m going […]

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