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Forgotten FridaysDec. 7, 2012

Forgotten Fridays: A "My Story" Post

My StoryI was listening to moody radio back in May and I heard about the foster care program and everything you where doing to help. I felt the need to tell my story. I am now 20 years old, and I entered the foster care program four months after I turned six.  I’ve stayed in multiple foster homes, group homes, ect.  My half sister and I were adopted when I was ten years old by a family who seemed to care enough, along with a six month old boy I learned to call my brother.  However, when I turned twelve going […]

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Forgotten FridaysNov. 30, 2012

Forgotten Friday’s: Welcoming Jesus

The first time I preached after we welcomed our children into our home, it was during the Advent Season. I mentioned to my husband in passing how I related to Mary in a totally different context, not just as a first-time mom, but as a foster mom, and he asked me to expound on that in the pulpit. Honestly, I found her story anew because I was a special kind of desperate. In the early months of fostering these three special and beautiful children-Tabbitha, Heather, and Ty-I felt overwhelmed, unprepared, and even panicked from time to time. Foster care can […]

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Forgotten FridaysNov. 9, 2012

Forgotten Fridays: Hear from a foster dad

Back to the Future… If you are reading this now, it is because your mother and myself, agreed now was the right time. When I wrote this several years ago, we had no idea what the “right” time would be- no special insight, no clinical training, no crystal ball. All we knew is that it would come, and that we would know it in the way we know when to plant the garden, or when to go fishing, or even when to wake up in the morning- that our collective intuition would plot a distinct course. And so now, the […]

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Forgotten Fridays, Foster Care WorkersOct. 12, 2012

Forgotten Fridays: From the heart of a caseworker

Today, I held the most precious 2 day old baby boy. As I held him in my arms, and I looked into his eyes, I couldn’t help but think of his innocence.  Just two short days of being brought into this world, he is under the custody of the state because his mom was doing hard drugs during her pregnancy.  He is sent home with a family that are not his parents. His mom fled the hospital within the same day that she gave birth, because she didn’t want to deal with the reality of what was taking place.  None of this is because of anything he did, but because he was a […]

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Forgotten FridaysOct. 5, 2012

Forgotten Fridays: From the Intern

As an intern you do a lot of observing.  You have the opportunity to sit back and watch as every piece of the puzzle is laid out.  Yesterday was my first day in juvenile court.  I have read many different stories about court experiences and each one has made me tear up and my heart ache.  The tears, the pain, the broken hearts that come from those court rooms are just a lot to take in. Recently I have been introduced to a young teenage boy in foster care who has a number of other siblings also in foster care.  […]

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Forgotten FridaysSep. 28, 2012

Forgotten Fridays: From a foster mama’s heart

A Kingdom- Minded Day in Family Court I’ve always hated family court days. The emotional weight over my own children’s cases that those days hold are heavy for me, but it’s also the atmosphere, the penetrating functionality of lives that hang in the balance, cluttered by consequences, paperwork, and waiting, sprinkled with the influence of social workers, lawyers, and judges – everyone attempting to do their jobs well. Almost exactly a year ago was my first day in family court. We were scheduled to send Baby M home, but waiting turned into four hours. Parents walking in and out, and children rolling on the floor, whining because […]

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Forgotten FridaysSep. 21, 2012

Forgotten Friday: Choosing to See

Sometimes I need little, subtle reminders in my day that God is good, when it feels like I am drowning in devastation with the families I work with. I had a horrible moment this week.  One of my kids sees a counselor on a weekly basis.  This counselor walked into my office and he told me some of the worst words… “Did you know he has been tied up to a chair and beaten with a belt on multiple occasions?” Really? It doesn’t even seem real.  How does this even happen?  Can this be real?  Who does this? Seriously.  It is moments like this that […]

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Forgotten FridaysSep. 7, 2012

Forgotten Friday: The Less Traveled Road

This Road For as long as memory serves, I can recall us “good Christians” always asking God for some sign to reveal His will for our life- something tangible, an audible voice, a recognizable reminder that He is here with us, holding our hand, leading the way, steering the wheel. I’ve even been guilty myself of making deals with Him. “God, if you will do this for me, then I will do this for you. ‘Let this cup pass from me,’ and then I will know you exist and care for me.” Or, something along those lines-my decisions always predicated […]

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Forgotten FridaysAug. 31, 2012

Forgotten Friday: "How can you give them back?"

I found this quote on the Augusta County, VA TFI newsletter from a foster mom named Melissa and I just had to share it! “When out and about in public I am frequently stopped by folks wanting to ooogle over my beautiful 2 year old and 7 month old babies. Upon finding out that I am their foster mom it is common that the well meaning stranger will sigh loudly and say something like, “OHHHHH, I could NEVER do that! I just could never give them back.” Giving a knowing smile and a sympathetic nod to acknowledge that risk I reply: “Yes, but then […]

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Forgotten FridaysAug. 17, 2012

Forgotten Friday: from the heart of a caseworker

Sometimes it hurts bad. So bad. You wish you could take their pain away, and you would sacrifice anything to make that happen….. Today, I was transporting an 11 year old boy, who has experienced more abandonment in his life than what I can hardly wrap my mind around. He was in the foster system when he was younger, was adopted, and as of last fall is back in the system from his adoptive family. Yes, an disruptive adoption for physical abuse. He then moved in with a relative foster mother, who this spring, said she couldn’t handle him anymore, […]

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