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Forgotten FridaysFeb. 1, 2013

Forgotten Fridays: Words from a foster mama

I’m breathing deeply.   Right now, I was suppose to be on a surprise getaway with Sweet Man James for my Christmas present, coordinated to the detail by him and some of my precious foster family friends and my family. Enter Cinderella with cough, throw up, fever and the most pitiful puffy eyes I’ve ever seen. So instead of a fancy dinner rendezvous at Taco Casa, I’m cuddling with our newest Little Bit for the fourth day in a row. I know every Little Pony’s name, and I can do a pretty smooth samba to the Bubble Guppies theme song. […]

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Forgotten FridaysJan. 25, 2013

Forgotten Fridays: A broken system full of brokenness

Today I want to deal with the call to foster care and adoption (international, domestic, and any other way it can happen).  This is a ministry I feel many are called to, yet few answer the call.  Often times we think or say “It is a broken system full of corruption, how can I make a difference?”  Well you can be the one that isn’t corrupt.  If it is international adoption you can make sure that your child isn’t a trafficked child.  You can do this by making sure your agency is upstanding and does due diligence some people even […]

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Forgotten FridaysJan. 11, 2013

Forgotten Fridays: What is God’s calling for you?

My internship with The Forgotten Initiative gives me a lot of different opportunities that I am so blessed and thankful for.  The Lord is constantly challenging me through my duties with TFI.  We are a ministry with a mission, with a passion for the foster care community and that means the entire community, not just the children.  But today, I am going to focus on a dear child that I have the honor of tutoring and mentoring.  This boy we will call Timothy.  He is in 5th grade.  I have been tutoring him once a week for about a month […]

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Forgotten FridaysJan. 4, 2013

Forgotten Fridays: "Our Family Tree"

There it stood; the culmination of at least two day’s toil.  Illuminate, light reflecting from countless metallic and glass surfaces.  Home-made ornaments nested throughout and store bought ornaments hovering from invisible hooks.  Before us was our family Christmas Tree.  We all stood back and gazed upon our handiwork…and it was ugly. Perhaps “ugly” is too strong a word.  Gaudy?  Unshapely.  Certainly it had none of the “splendor” of the trees of years past.  It was shorter, for one.  And the lights? For some reason the lights never did seem to lay on the branches in the evenly spaced concentric patterns that […]

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Forgotten FridaysDec. 28, 2012

Forgotten Fridays: Do.Right.

I’ve been struck with a perspective adjustment recently- the “rightness” of our actions doesn’t mean the outcome will be pleasant.  I was thinking about this as I read through a fellow adoptive mama’s words of grief about a child who has chosen to reject her love.  Does that mean it was wrong to adopt him?  I thought about it again with a friend who is loving a baby for just a brief moment of potentially days or weeks before Baby lands in her permanent home.  This will be an act of love and sacrifice that may hurt.  Does that mean […]

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Forgotten FridaysDec. 21, 2012

Forgotten Friday’s: the torment of the cross

From what I can tell, I am in the thick of things right now.  I guess you could say my foster care journey is heating up.  I am feeling the pressure, the strain.  I am crying out to God for strength, for perspective, for wisdom! As I stand in the gap between this sweet little baby girl and the parents that God has given her by birth, I am frozen in fear.  I love her.  I really love her!  She has become a daughter.  She has become a sister.  She has become a granddaughter.  She has become a niece.  She feels like ours, yet we know she […]

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Forgotten FridaysDec. 14, 2012

Forgotten Fridays: Big boys need love too

I am an advocate for foster care. No, seriously. It is so beautiful to me how many of my friends have gotten their foster license probably just so I’d quit hassling them about it. I believe so strongly in getting involved in caring for the needs of hurting children and I’m not sure how everybody else doesn’t just have this same passion. I will talk to people in the library, strangers at the mall, your local church- I will talk to anybody, anywhere about foster care. A lot of the people I talk to these days are young couples. I […]

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Forgotten FridaysDec. 7, 2012

Forgotten Fridays: A "My Story" Post

My StoryI was listening to moody radio back in May and I heard about the foster care program and everything you where doing to help. I felt the need to tell my story. I am now 20 years old, and I entered the foster care program four months after I turned six.  I’ve stayed in multiple foster homes, group homes, ect.  My half sister and I were adopted when I was ten years old by a family who seemed to care enough, along with a six month old boy I learned to call my brother.  However, when I turned twelve going […]

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Forgotten FridaysNov. 30, 2012

Forgotten Friday’s: Welcoming Jesus

The first time I preached after we welcomed our children into our home, it was during the Advent Season. I mentioned to my husband in passing how I related to Mary in a totally different context, not just as a first-time mom, but as a foster mom, and he asked me to expound on that in the pulpit. Honestly, I found her story anew because I was a special kind of desperate. In the early months of fostering these three special and beautiful children-Tabbitha, Heather, and Ty-I felt overwhelmed, unprepared, and even panicked from time to time. Foster care can […]

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Forgotten FridaysNov. 9, 2012

Forgotten Fridays: Hear from a foster dad

Back to the Future… If you are reading this now, it is because your mother and myself, agreed now was the right time. When I wrote this several years ago, we had no idea what the “right” time would be- no special insight, no clinical training, no crystal ball. All we knew is that it would come, and that we would know it in the way we know when to plant the garden, or when to go fishing, or even when to wake up in the morning- that our collective intuition would plot a distinct course. And so now, the […]

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