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Children in Foster Care, Forgotten Fridays, Foster ParentingJun. 6, 2014

Forgotten Fridays: For the Birthday Boy

Eighteen days from now, my youngest son turns 2. A son to whom I didn’t give birth. A son who entered our home as a foster placement when he was 3 1/2 weeks old. A son who is hilarious, spunky, sweet, and truly picked by God to be our son. A son who will someday have questions about his birthparents. Who will wonder why he didn’t leave the hospital with his mom after his birth. Who will wonder why he lived with two different relatives before he came to live with us. Will my little boy be able to grasp […]

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Children in Foster Care, Forgotten Fridays, Vulnerable ParentsMay. 2, 2014

Forgotten Friday: Dear Momma

Dear Momma, Your precious chubby-cheeked baby girl gave me the sweetest, squishiest good night kiss tonight. She’s beautiful. So sweet. Her crinkled-nose smile lights up our home. I’m sure the absence of it brings you darkness. What I thought was such an inconvenience today turned out to be divinely appointed. We had to see your doctor today instead of ours. I got to see the look of surprise on the doctor’s and nurses’ faces when I explained who I was. The doctor went through Chubby Cheek’s history with me. You sat there in that same spot only three weeks ago. […]

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Advocacy, Forgotten Fridays, Vulnerable ParentsApr. 25, 2014

Forgotten Friday Repost: She is Just Like Me

Ten years ago while living in Virginia Beach my husband and I prepared to become foster parents.  We loved children and wanted a large family. As an adopted person myself , I felt called to open my heart and home to children not born of me . A few weeks after completing training I discovered I was pregnant with our third child. Eight months after our son was born I was expecting again. We put off becoming foster parents for a while, quite a while. Last summer we once again went through foster parent training. After 16 years of parenting, […]

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Aging Out Youth, Children in Foster Care, Forgotten FridaysApr. 18, 2014

Forgotten Friday: A Story of an Aged-Out Youth

In Demetria’s sparsely-furnished apartment, the Tulsan settled into a chair to tell the story of what her life was like before and after she transitioned out of foster care at age 18. “This is the first time I’ve spoken about any of this,” she said. “I thought no one would believe me.” Demetria is 25 now, but she was 7 years old when she entered OKDHS ncustody. At the time, she had to escape a life where her mother’s abusive boyfriend allegedly raped Demetria’s younger sister and beat Demetria with electrical cords. Later, Demetria’s mother unsuccessfully tried to obtain full custody […]

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Advocacy, Forgotten Fridays, Foster ParentingApr. 4, 2014

Forgotten Fridays: Our Messy Life

If you know me or my family, it won’t be long until you know about the calling God has placed on our lives, whether our kids are with us or not. We know, beyond a shadow of doubt, that this is exactly what God has called us to and we rarely question it. As great as it seems though, some days we ask God why he called us to this. Some days we wish we lived a normal life, without “emergency guests” and late night preparations. Simply put, we weren’t created to know how to deal with this kind of […]

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Advocacy, Forgotten Fridays, MentoringMar. 21, 2014

Forgotten Friday: Don’t Waste Your Childless Years

If you have not yet had kids, people are probably telling you to make the most of these days. Now is your time to travel, to sleep in on the weekends, to spend your money on whatever interests you, to take a class, to party, or develop a hobby. I wouldn’t say that any of those options are inherently wrong and I can understand how they become much more complicated when you have young children, but I want to challenge you to something more. Something deeper. When I talk to my peers today about investing in kids from crisis situations, […]

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Advocacy, Forgotten Fridays, Foster ParentingMar. 14, 2014

Forgotten Fridays: The Real Enemy in Orphan Care

Orphan care is spiritual warfare. It is a battle between good and evil, light and dark, right and wrong. By nature it is reactionary – a response to what is broken motivated by the desire to see renewal, redemption and restoration prevail. It is an effort to see the heart of God demonstrated for the hopeless and justice triumph over what is severely and tragically flawed. It was never God’s intent for families to be broken and children to be left without one. Among the unending evidences of a fatally sin-scarred world, this particular consequence particularly pains the heart of […]

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Children in Foster Care, Forgotten FridaysFeb. 21, 2014

Forgotten Fridays: Quotes from Kids in Foster Care

“They were like, ‘You’re 16. You’re going to go off to college in a couple of years, why do you want a family?’ It’s about my entire life, it’s not just about my childhood. I want to know that I’m going to have a place to come home to during Christmas breaks. I want to know that I’m going to have a dad to walk me down the aisle. That I’m going to have grandparent for my children.” MARY, Former foster youth, Tennessee “I don’t think they (people) understand how it feels not being able to say mom and dad. […]

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Children in Foster Care, Forgotten Fridays, Foster ParentingFeb. 14, 2014

Forgotten Fridays: A Foster Teen’s Story

See the difference committed foster parents made in this young man’s life! By age ten, Jon had already learned that grown-ups aren’t to be trusted. First, his mother abandoned him, then, he was adopted by a couple who believed strict discipline was what active boys need most. By the seventh grade, Jon was chaffing under his parents’ rules and began fighting at school. One day, Jon’s anger and frustration boiled over and he injured a classmate. A juvenile judge sent him to a detention program for a year. When he completed the program, he learned his parents had terminated the […]

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Forgotten Fridays, Vulnerable ParentsFeb. 7, 2014

Forgotten Fridays: The Other Side of Foster Care

We met her for the first time in a downtown courtroom – the same place we would see her for the last time nearly one year later. Although we most likely will never know her beyond that, a piece of her will always be a part of us – literally. It was the first court hearing since her baby girl had been removed from her custody by Child Protective Services and placed in our care a few weeks earlier. Given the particular circumstances of the case, the judge would soon inform her she was on track to losing her parental […]

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