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The Forgotten PodcastSep. 10, 2018

Confidentiality in Foster Care: Why It Matters

Anna Kathryn Ellzey knew that as a foster parent she could not share pictures, names or details of the child in her care. But that didn’t stop her from sharing a photo of him and her biological daughter as they sat together—a cute picture of only their legs. She simply wanted to share her joy at having him be part of their family. But she realized that on the other side of their happiness was his birth family’s pain and heartbreak. That’s when she realized that confidentiality was about more than keeping a child’s face hidden: It was about protecting […]

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The Forgotten PodcastAug. 27, 2018

Single Foster Parenting – Real Strategies from Real Moms

Foster parenting can be challenging even with a spouse, but that doesn’t mean a single person can’t or shouldn’t follow a call from God to foster. This panel discussion includes four single foster moms who have figured out how to make fostering work in their lives. If you have been waiting for a spouse to foster, their stories might give you the encouragement you need to take that step of faith to foster as a single parent! I have learned that when God promises to be a father to the fatherless, He means it. –Faith Morgan How did you decide […]

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The Forgotten PodcastAug. 13, 2018

A New School Year — Advocating for Our Kids from Trauma Backgrounds

Catie Lumpkin and her husband Jamie began fostering about nine years ago. At the time, they had three young sons (age 4, 2 and 1) and had been considering adoption. They had the opportunity to love on a mother in crisis for a period of time and soon after, Jamie mentioned the option of becoming foster parents. Catie said no at first, but her heart was changed as they became more involved in seeking to improve those in need in their city. They have fostered more than 80 children since then, and recently adopted two of those children and welcomed […]

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The Forgotten PodcastJul. 30, 2018

Mentoring Can Make a Difference in the Life of a Foster Child

Kelsie Barnhart first heard about TFI and the mentoring program through a friend in the summer of 2014. She had just graduated college and was working full time, but knew she wanted to carve out time to serve her community. Becoming a foster parent wasn’t a practical way for her to minister to the many foster children in her area, but mentoring was. She began mentoring in January 2015 and has been a consistent person in her “Little Buddy’s” life since. Find out what she’s learned through her experiences as well as hear advice on getting started! It matters that […]

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The Forgotten PodcastJul. 16, 2018

The Search for Identity Leads to Foster Care Ministry

Holly Miller was born into foster care and was adopted at the age of seven by the family with whom she had been in a long-term placement. The adoption conversation was always open, but she as she grew, she found she had more questions than answers because she simply didn’t know much about her life before her adoption. Her journey of working through the “who am I” questions led her down an interesting path that has recently resulted in a ministry that combines her passion for foster and adoptive children and their families with a need in her community. Helping […]

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The Forgotten PodcastJul. 2, 2018

Making an Indelible Difference in the Lives of Vulnerable Children

Angie Grant and her husband, Stan, have been foster parents for five years. Their third placement, a little girl, stayed in their home for two and a half years and then returned home. Although it was difficult to let their daughter go, Angie’s family cherishes the memories they made with her and believe that the time they had with her will make an indelible mark on her life for the good, because they did their best to love as Jesus loves: compassionately and with everything they had. I would not want my story to be without her story colliding with […]

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The Forgotten PodcastJun. 18, 2018

Going into Foster Care as a Teen: One Woman’s Story of Testifying for her Family’s Safety

Angel Ambrose’s home life became so unsafe when she was a teen that she testified against her mother in order to protect herself and her younger siblings from neglect and abuse. Angel shares her story and how God has redeemed her past and brought her healing, even to the point of having her own child—something she never thought she wanted. When I knew that Jesus loved me and wanted me, everything changed. –Angel Ambrose Angel’s parents were both very young, only 17, when her mom became pregnant. It was an unplanned and unwanted pregnancy, which Angel believes was the seed […]

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The Forgotten PodcastJun. 4, 2018

Keeping It Real for Foster and Adoptive Dads (Updated!)

Father’s Day is just a few weeks away, and we wanted to highlight this great opportunity available to foster and adoptive dads! This encore of Andrew Schneidler’s interview will encourage dads and help them know they are not alone in the struggles they may face. Andrew understands…and he wants other dads to know there are other dads out there who also understand! Foster and adoptive fathers have very few resources to help them deal with the feelings and struggles that often arise when caring for children from hard places. Andrew Schneidler is trying to change that. Men need a core […]

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The Forgotten PodcastMay. 7, 2018

Encore Episode | Reframing Foster Care: Finding Hope in the Struggle

Jason Johnson shares highlights from his new book, Reframing Foster Care: Filtering Your Foster Parenting Journey Through the Lens of the Gospel, to encourage us, whether we are in the trenches of foster parenting, considering becoming foster parents or trying to better support foster families. This is an episode full of hope and will remind you that you are not alone! God strategically and intentionally puts us in positions that we cannot handle without Him. That’s mercy. It constantly reminds us of our need for Him. –Jason Johnson Reframing Foster Care: Filtering Your Foster Parenting Journey Through the Lens of the […]

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The Forgotten PodcastApr. 24, 2018

The Who Loves Series: Two Perspectives About How to Use These Books

Nicole Argo, a pastor’s wife and mother of two, went into foster care at the age of 7, giving her a unique perspective about how it feels to be a child in care. Jenn Hook, a clinical psychologist and TBRI certified therapist, works with children who have experienced trauma—a large number of whom have been in foster care. Listen in as they discuss the exciting new Who Loves book series from The Forgotten Initiative and share the positive results they anticipate the books will bring for children in care, foster parents, churches, teachers and anyone who seeks to understand what […]

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