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The Forgotten PodcastApr. 9, 2018

Teaching Students, Teachers and Families the Importance of Story

David LaFrance is an elementary school principal who readily shares his story of growing up in a broken and dysfunctional family. His story helps him relate to kids from hard places on a daily basis, as well as drives him to use as many resources as possible to establish relationships with all the people in his life, including his family, his staff, his students and even their families. Listen to his inspiring story and learn more about tools you can use to better understand trauma and the importance of story. A person’s story has the opportunity to break down any […]

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The Forgotten PodcastMar. 26, 2018

Avoiding Burnout, Tending to Our Inner Life

Drawing on his experiences with taking an intentional sabbatical, Jedd Medefind shares how our inner life and our outpouring into the lives of others are intricately interwoven—especially in in the sense that we must be filled up so that we can, in turn, pour out. The fact is, it’s extremely difficult, if not impossible in the long term, to pour into others’ lives if we don’t take the time to be refreshed and nourish our own souls. Vibrant ministry springs from a vibrant soul. –Jedd Medefind Several years ago, Jedd was blessed with the opportunity to take a two-month sabbatical. […]

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The Forgotten PodcastMar. 12, 2018

Human Trafficking: Making a Difference in Your Community

Ashleigh Chapman is a preacher’s kid who found her life’s calling at the age of 11. Her parents worked at a homeless mission when a woman and her three children arrived, begging for safety from an abuser. Her parents quickly realized the woman was also an abuser and worked diligently to keep the three children safe. She became devoted to the cause of protecting the vulnerable. She focuses full-time on fighting the heinous crime of human trafficking in the US and around the world. Don’t miss this episode—it’s critical to the future of our children and our communities! The overwhelming […]

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The Forgotten PodcastFeb. 26, 2018

Strategies for Making Your Marriage a Safe Haven

Beth Guckenberger and her husband Todd have been married more than 25 years and, between biological, foster, and adopted children, they have raised ten children. In addition, they also work together as Co-Executive Directors of Back2Back Ministries, an organization that is dedicated to being a voice for orphans. They have found some unique strategies to keep their marriage strong and vibrant, enabling them to better serve those they have been called to serve. Beth shares these and other ideas in this can’t miss episode! We practice immediacy [in our marriage]—in a conflict or disagreement, we re-establish and affirm that you […]

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The Forgotten PodcastFeb. 12, 2018

Reframing Foster Care: Finding Hope in the Struggle

Jason Johnson shares highlights from his new book, Reframing Foster Care: Filtering Your Foster Parenting Journey Through the Lens of the Gospel, to encourage us, whether we are in the trenches of foster parenting, considering becoming foster parents or trying to better support foster families. This is an episode full of hope and will remind you that you are not alone! God strategically and intentionally puts us in positions that we cannot handle without Him. That’s mercy. It constantly reminds us of our need for Him. –Jason Johnson Reframing Foster Care: Filtering Your Foster Parenting Journey Through the Lens of the […]

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The Forgotten PodcastJan. 29, 2018

A Peek into the Agency Workers’ World

Dr. Sharen Ford of Focus on the Family and her daughter, Jennifer Rice, both have experience in the “trenches” of agency work in the foster care system. They share what it’s really like, what the challenges are and even how the job can affect your personal life. This peek into “the other side” is eye-opening…and it’s encouraging to note that agency workers truly do want the best for each child on their caseload. If you [as a caseworker] come with a servant’s heart and meet the family where they are, you can make a real difference. –Jennifer Rice The various […]

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The Forgotten PodcastJan. 15, 2018

A Story that Starts in Brokenness and Ends in Hope

Rob Parker grew up in an abusive home and was headed for a life of ongoing generational dysfunction and abuse. Through the unconditional love of his two great aunts and the Spirit of God working through relationships and community, his life has instead become a message of hope, experiencing reconciliation in relationships, restoration in his heart and transformation in his life! The church is equipped like no one else to minister in ways that others aren’t, to make a real difference in people’s lives. –Rob Parker Growing up in an abusive home Rob recounts his childhood as a typical example […]

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The Forgotten PodcastJan. 1, 2018

The Benefits of Growing Up in a Fostering Family

People considering foster care often worry about how their biological children will be affected by having other children come in and out of their lives. Clayton Keenon’s story will help put many of those fears to rest. His parents fostered more than 350 teen girls over 35 years—virtually all his life. He knows he’s a better person for it. The greatest gift [my parents] ever gave me, other than introducing me to God, was to be a part of a foster family. — Clayton Keenon Growing up in a fostering family Clayton knew no other life than to be in […]

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The Forgotten PodcastDec. 18, 2017

Awareness Leads to Action

Courtney Strahm and her family didn’t know much about foster care until just a few years ago. But they became aware, and awareness led to action. Listen to Courtney’s story of how God called and provided for them, in good times and hard times, to make a difference in the lives of kids in foster care. My husband told me, ‘You never make a mistake taking in a child who needs a home.’ — Courtney Strahm Becoming aware of foster care Although Courtney knew about God’s heart for adoption (her mom was adopted as a baby), she really didn’t know […]

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The Forgotten PodcastDec. 4, 2017

Establishing a Meaningful Relationship with Birth Parents

Meet Wendy Carlton, a foster and adoptive mom who found joy in fostering, and in developing a meaningful relationship with her child’s biological mother. Learning more about the mother’s history helped Wendy understand the need for good mentors and role models. “She couldn’t be a good mom or role model because she never had that herself,” says Wendy. The story of how God orchestrated the details of their foster placement will help you grow your trust in God’s timing. While I was serving in his motherly role, I wasn’t trying to take her motherly role. –Wendy Carlton Wendy’s Story Wendy […]

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