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Foster Parenting, Make a Difference Mondays, Ways to ServeDec. 5, 2016

Make a Difference Monday | “The Call”

After finalizing our adoption in December 2014, my husband and I agreed to take some time to think and pray about how to proceed with keeping our foster care license open. We were parenting five children between the ages of 3-9. The house was full and loud, but our hearts still ached for children in care. We decided to organize a local event in our small town to encourage others to learn more about the various needs of the foster care community.  We asked Jami Kaeb, director of The Forgotten Initiative, to speak about how people can get involved in supporting children, […]

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Advocacy, Education, Family Support, Uncategorized, Ways to ServeNov. 29, 2016

Redefining #GivingTuesday

#GivingTuesday is a global day of giving following Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Often the focus of #GivingTuesday financial donations, but this year we want to switch things up.  Will you redefine #GivingTuesday with us and give the gift of your time to the foster care community? Below are some simple ways of giving and SHOWING JESUS to the foster care community in your area! Give of your time to a foster family–they will be blessed and you will, too! Ideas include: Drop off a freezer meal or restaurant gift cards Write a note of encouragement Offer to pick up and […]

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Advocacy, Children in Foster Care, Forgotten Fridays, Foster Parenting, Ways to ServeAug. 5, 2016

Forgotten Friday | Why Churches Need to Step Up: Increasing Foster Homes in Our Nation

Recently, I have been overwhelmed with some disturbing facts related to our nations foster care system. Not facts related to the process, but facts related to foster homes. Or, should I say, the lack of foster homes across the nation. Let’s focus on Arizona first. During a 6 month period over 25,000 calls were received by the Child Abuse Hotline that met criteria for a DCS report, increasing the number of children placed in out-of-home care over 1000 for a total of nearly 17,000 children (CASA of Arizona). It is hard to even fathom these numbers. Where do these 17,000 […]

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Advocacy, Aging Out Youth, Children in Foster Care, Family Support, Foster Care Workers, Foster Parenting, Make a Difference Mondays, Mentoring, Vulnerable Parents, Ways to ServeJun. 13, 2016

Make a Difference Monday | It’s Not the Thought That Counts

Today I asked a friend, “Does it count as a workout in the fact that I brought my gym bag with me but don’t actually workout?”  She giggled and as I sat thinking through that saying, “It’s the thought that counts,” I realized, of course the thought doesn’t count, my body isn’t changing in any way. The same is true in foster care.  So many people think about fostering or serving the foster care community, but if you think about it… If it were the thought that counted, there would be an abundance of foster care workers feeling encouraged and […]

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Adoption, Encouragement, Family Support, Foster Parenting, Ways to ServeApr. 22, 2016

Forgotten Friday | Wrapping Around Foster and Adoptive Families

An environment where it’s understood that while we’re not all called to do the same thing, we’re all certainly capable of doing something. That’s the goal. Everyone. Doing. Something. If we’re not careful, we may unintentionally define caring for orphans and the vulnerable too narrowly – to simply mean foster care, adoption or some other form of bringing a child into your home long term. While these are of course crucial and essential places for the Church to engage, they represent only a few of the items on the buffet of limitless opportunities available for people to get involved. The […]

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Family Support, Foster Care Affects on Kids Already in Your Home, Foster Parenting, Make a Difference Mondays, Ways to ServeApr. 11, 2016

Make a Difference Monday | Supporting Foster Families: Helping the Newbie

It was only a year ago that Nate and I started the process for becoming foster parents. Less than three months later we received our first placement. And much like welcoming a new baby for the first time, becoming foster parents rocked our world. Our “normal” lives suddenly involved so many new dynamics I felt like I was in a constant state of being off balance. Court dates. Social workers. Home visits. Interactions with birth parents. ISPs. Multiple government buildings. It was overwhelming to say the least. Not to mention there was a tiny new life we were responsible for. […]

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Adoption, Advocacy, Aging Out Youth, Children in Foster Care, Education, Encouragement, Forgotten Fridays, Ways to ServeApr. 1, 2016

Forgotten Friday | When Children are Broken and Fatherless: A Call to Defend Them

I remember the girl who said to me, “I wish I had a normal life…” Her words pierced me through. It was a legitimate wish. Her life wasn’t normal, and I could convince neither her nor myself that it was. Instead of a home, she lived in a facility. I’d seen her room—the one that she’d sarcastically referred to as her jail cell. And to be fair to her, it did look like one—composed of nothing but a small bed and four concrete walls. But this was no jail, in the literal sense, as you or I would think of it. This […]

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Advocacy, Aging Out Youth, Children in Foster Care, Forgotten Fridays, Ways to ServeOct. 30, 2015

Forgotten Friday: 102,000 children…

Did you know there are currently 102,000 children right here in the United States who are orphans? Did you know these children have a deep desire and longing to have a forever family to call their own?  Will you join us on Orphan Sunday to pray children, who are waiting all across the nation, into forever families?   Sign-Up to PRAY today!

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Advocacy, Encouragement, Family Support, Foster Parenting, Make a Difference Mondays, Ways to ServeOct. 26, 2015

Make a Difference Monday: WE are the Church

Not long ago, I was ignorant. I believed that we were all called to adopt. Or foster. It was a command. And I like to follow rules. Okay. That’s a lie. I’m more of a rule bender, but I do like to enforce rules. I’m bossy. I know. But I just wanted others to open others’ eyes to the needs of thousands of orphans and broken families. Then I stepped out in obedience and realized I was wrong. Very wrong. If we ALL signed up to adopt a child or foster a baby, we’d ALL be exhausted and walking this […]

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Make a Difference Mondays, Ways to ServeJul. 20, 2015

Make a Difference Monday: How to Care for Orphans without Adopting or Providing Foster Care

Caring for orphans and at-risk children is innate in any compassionate person. If you are a Christian, God clearly mandates to care for orphans in the Bible. However, I think that many people ignore the call to care for orphans and at-risk children because they are not ready or able to adopt or give foster care. If adoption or foster care are not an option, then what can a person do? Here are a few suggestions. Be warned, after reading this, you might not have an excuse to not care for orphaned and at-risk children. Make it a priority to […]

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