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Children in Foster Care, Forgotten FridaysMay. 11, 2012

Forgotten Fridays: the children

Hey, it’s Jami and I am happy to welcome you to the very first edition of Forgotten Fridays!  The purpose of Fridays here is to give you a look from behind the eyes of those in the foster care community.  Our desire is to help you see from their perspectives and so it seems rather appropriate to start off with this video. I encourage you to watch – especially the first minute of this video and as you do, know that this happens over and over across our nation.  When I saw this video back in November of 2009, my eyes were opened for the first time to […]

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Forgotten FridaysMay. 11, 2012

forgotten friday: bio parent’s perspective

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Advocate WednesdaysMay. 10, 2012

Advocate Wednesdays: How I became a Forgotten Advocate

Hi!  Its Becky – Forgotten Advocate in Bakersfield, CA. I have been an advocate for four exciting months. It has truly been an amazing ride. I love having a front row seat as the Lord moves on behalf of the forgotten in our community. I also love telling the “how I became an advocate” story because it really is a reminder of how the Lord works! So, here goes…. My husband Dominic and I have started and stopped the process of becoming foster parents four times in our 16 years of marriage. Finally, in January of 2010 the Lord’s call […]

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Make a Difference MondaysMay. 7, 2012


Hey, it’s Jami ~ After launching this blog yesterday, a women from Central IL checked out the needs in Bloomington/Peoria area and read that someone had donated several backpacks that needed to be filled.  She emailed us right away with such excitement because her church had all the items needed for Journey Bags, except the backpacks!  They had been praying for a way to find/fund backpacks and after seeing this need, she knew her prayers had been answered. This got me thinking.  We can NEVER underestimate our role in the Body of Christ.  Our purpose.  One buys the backpacksOne fills the […]

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Forgotten Fridays, Foster ParentingApr. 28, 2012

How foster parenting affects your ‘bio’ children

The other day I sat my girls down to ask them a few questions about foster care to see how much they understand about what we’re doing and to get more of a idea about how they feel about it. I loved hearing what they had to say and I typed furiously while they were talking in hopes to catch every word. Here are our firstborn, Paige’s thoughts on the subject. Paige: age 7 1/2 What is foster care? “Foster care is when mom and dads cannot take care of their children because they are not taking care of them […]

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Children in Foster Care, Forgotten Fridays, Foster ParentingApr. 11, 2012

Foster parenting: the realities

She misses her Daddy Our little “L” has always been a daddy’s girl. Due to reasons I won’t go into here, she hasn’t seen her daddy for several weeks. Normally, she visits her parents once a week right after nap time. Lately, while putting her to nap or bed, she’s been asking “See Daddy?” I always have had to respond the same. “No honey, you’re not going to see your daddy today.” I’ve shared with her that Daddy is having some troubles, and we should pray for him. We have discussed this more than a few times. The other night […]

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