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Encouragement, Family Support, Make a Difference Mondays, Ways to ServeFeb. 13, 2017

Make a Difference Monday | 7 Things Foster Parents Need You to Know

When you become a foster family, it is fantastic to have a community that supports you. I’ve written posts before on the physical ways you can support a foster family, but there’s another aspect of all this I want to address. When you have a foster family in your church, extended family, neighborhood, etc. there is a little bit of education that may be helpful. You may not have time to make a meal or the money to run out and buy diapers as a welcome gift for this new child, but if you’ve got a few minutes I’m going […]

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Children in Foster Care, Encouragement, Forgotten Fridays, Foster ParentingJan. 27, 2017

Forgotten Friday | The Night My Son Finally Woke Me Up

photo credit: The Full Moon of Glen Ellyn via photopin (license) I was somewhere in between that deep sleep of the deprived and the alert sleep of the maternal. I lay there silently and I couldn’t remember the last time I had slept through the night. I heard it again. A quiet, faint “mom.” Over and over. Several times to the point that I sat up in bed. Just the fact that he’s calling me “mom” is a wonderment. For the longest of times, I was a stranger and then a familiar, safe person. I was a caretaker and then […]

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The Forgotten PodcastDec. 19, 2016

Season 2, Episode 4 | You’re Never Too Old to Foster!

I’ve heard that people who help people live longer—and there’s probably some truth to that. The more you give and help people, the more it brings life to you. Jami’s conversation with Mary Slager will challenge your thinking about getting involved in foster care. You’re never too old to get involved somehow…and it may be that you’re called to foster children even after your own children are grown and gone. Listening to Mary’s experiences erases some of the age constraints you might be feeling! Mary’s Story Mary and her husband, Stan, have been married 51 years, and according to Mary’s […]

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Advocacy, Advocate Wednesdays, Foster ParentingJul. 9, 2014

Advocate Wednesday: This one goes out to all the foster parents

Today, I just want to encourage you. I want you to feel an overwhelming amount of love, support, and joy from these words. You have inspired me, given me hope, and challenged me over and over. I can’t possibly understand what it is like to be a parent, let alone a foster parent, as I have never had children. However, I do know that it is incredibly difficult work. Day in and day out you devote your life to the well being of your children. Everyday sacrificial love pours out from your heart and hands and is given to children […]

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