Make a Difference

Do you have a passion for the foster care community?

Have you been doing things on your own—meeting needs and working to improve lives and give hope—but you’re weary and need encouragement and maybe a network of “teammates” who can relate?

TFI’s desire is to see the foster care community supported through long-term relationships with the local church body connected through volunteer Advocates. We have learned that the best way we can serve is to listen, rather than assume we know what needs exist. Advocates build a relationship with their local foster care agencies to become aware of specific needs in their area. They then utilize TFI Initiatives and other resources to help fulfill those needs.

We would love to help you be a catalyst for change in your city!

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Want More Options?

If you are unable to pursue the role of Advocate at this time and there is not an existing ministry in your community, here are some ways you can begin building a relationship with your local foster care agency:

  • Google “Foster Care Agencies” in your city, county or state, then contact them to find out what they may need and what they can handle (storage issues may be a concern—best to check!).
  • Take simple gifts of appreciation such as doughnuts or snacks.
  • Holidays are a great time to remember your agency workers with flowers or special treats.
  • Provide diapers, wipes or baby formula for the agency office.
  • Send encouraging notes and provide gift cards for local restaurants or coffee shops.

These are great ways to show you care about the foster care community!

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