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Make a Difference Monday | Hello.

We’re on the no-call list. After our last placement we told our licensing worker we needed a long break. To rest and to heal ourselves before we might be ready to care for a hurting child.

But last week, she called anyway. Two precious sisters needed a home, a bed, a safe place.

We have that. And in this season of celebrating Jesus who was born without a home, it seemed fitting to share our abundance.

And so, yes. Yes, yes, yes.

Even amid the yeses, I have a hundred questions and a thousand more that I’m forgetting to ask.

Some come before I can answer. To make sure we could even be a good yes for these girls. But most come after, to make sure our yes is as good as it can be.

Filled with rooms outfitted with their favorite colors and equipment for their go-to activities. A little sliver of familiarity that says welcome.

After the questions I remember to ask, suddenly, that’s all I have. All I can know about these beautiful girls who are about to live in our home.

And soon all I can focus on until moving day.

Right now, I can’t ease their worries. Or find a good therapist. We can’t play a game together. Or laugh at my husband’s ridiculous antics.

Instead we wait.

Mine is an active waiting. Full of decorating rooms and readying crafts. Creating game closets and quote walls.

Aching to make our hellos as happy as foster hellos can be.

Liz Block

Liz Block is a creative director (not quite Don Draper) and new foster mom discovering the learning curves, joys, and struggles of motherhood and foster care all at once. Opening up her eyes and heart to far more than she ever imagined. Read more of her stories at

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