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Adoption, Children in Foster Care, Forgotten Fridays, Foster Parenting, Vulnerable ParentsJul. 10, 2015

Forgotten Friday: From ‘Foster Kid’ to ‘Pastor’s Kid’ {And the Change in Me}

It was a beautiful fall day….nice and sunny, and warm enough to still have all the windows in the house open. The three big kids were at school, Mike was at work, and I was enjoying a peaceful day at home–just me and the 16 month old. A quiet day of sorting, washing, and folding laundry. I brought up a basket of warm, clean clothes from the laundry room and dumped it onto the floor.  Charlie squealed and ran over to the pile and plopped right on top. He giggled, threw socks up in the air, and giggled some more. […]

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Adoption, Advocacy, Family Support, Foster Parenting, Make a Difference MondaysJun. 29, 2015

Make a Difference Monday: Gift Ideas for Foster Care & Adoption

Do you know someone who has recently became a foster parent, or is going through the adoption process?  Do you need some ideas for gifts to give?  Here are a few ideas to get you started: – Gift cards to a variety of retail stores (Foster families often take children in a “moment’s notice”, and may need to run out and grab a car seat, clothing, and other essentials for taking care of children.) – Gender neutral items (Even though a family has a preference for gender, sometimes they are selected or called about a child of the opposite gender.) […]

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Adoption, Children in Foster Care, Foster ParentingJun. 19, 2015

This One is For All the Men Out There Being Called ‘Foster Dad’

As my cell phone rang I could see my wife was calling.  Expecting a typical “Hi honey, how is your day?” conversation, I took the call.  It turned out that we had received another request to open our home to a child without a home.  Another mom and dad had made choices resulting in a brand new baby needing a place to sleep for his first night out of the hospital. Typically I wouldn’t have been so hesitant.  We have been a temporary place to call home for a dozen or so kids, but Kara and I had just talked […]

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Adoption, Advocacy, Children in Foster Care, Foster Parenting, Make a Difference Mondays, Vulnerable ParentsMay. 25, 2015

Make a Difference Monday: Chosen. Adopted. Loved.

Our adoption story began four years ago.  We had always wanted to adopt and the timing just seemed right since it was time to grow our family and give our daughter a little brother or sister.  So we started looking into both domestic and international options but quickly realized all the doors were closing other than foster care through our local county.  We signed up to take foster care class and became licensed foster/adoptive parents.  On November 4, 2012 we received a call that there was a one day old little boy that needed a safe place to go.  We […]

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Adoption, Children in Foster Care, Vulnerable ParentsMay. 8, 2015

The Beauty and Brokenness of Motherhood

I’m a new mom for the seventh time. Last month we brought home our 3 year old son, Friday, from Uganda.  He has brought much joy, delight, and craziness to our already crazy home and we couldn’t be more thankful to God. Earlier today, my daughter Layla said, “Why does Raegan look so much like you and I don’t?” “That’s because Raegan was born from my belly and you were born from my heart.”  I told her. “Oh!” she responded and smiled. “You are so very special to me.” I whispered in her ear and she whispered back, “but so is Raegan […]

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Adoption, Children in Foster Care, Foster ParentingMay. 4, 2015

Make a Difference Monday: When Jesus Becomes Personal to your Kids

Last week, Paige told us she wanted to make her relationship with Jesus more public and on Sunday, it was announced in church that Paige is following Jesus! She wants the accountability that comes with being part of a church family. My heart rejoices. On the way home from church that day, Dayd asked if he was a Christian. I asked him if he had ever asked Jesus into his heart and he shook his head no. “Well Dayd, Daddy can talk with you about what it means to be a Christian when we get home.” I told him. Layla […]

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