Agency Workers

The role of a foster care worker can be stressful and emotionally draining. Not only do they carry heavy caseloads and are many times viewed as the bad guy by those they serve, but they also get little to no thanks for the work they do. This leads to high levels of burnout. When a caseworker is overwhelmed, unsupported or decides to resign, children are affected.

What if?

What if we, as the Body of Christ, reach out to these workers to shower love and support on them? Just imagine how this would bring them hope, better job satisfaction and equip them to best serve and support children and their families!

Encourage Agency Workers

Snacks, gift cards, notes of encouragement—these are examples of simple ways to encourage Agency Workers on a regular basis. In addition, every year during the second week of May, you can join with others across the country for National H.E.L.P. week to celebrate these Child Welfare Professionals. We invite you to join us during the month of May and all throughout the year! Spread the word and support your local foster care workers!

Join us…

Learn more ways to serve foster care workers and the rest of the foster care community in your area:

  1. Find a TFI Advocate in your area.
  2. Become a TFI Advocate.

Just wanted to let you know about our efforts to love on foster care workers. We made up baskets with breakfast goodies. It was such a pleasure to watch the receptionists’ expressions go from wary to delighted after they realized I came bearing gifts!

As one worker put it: “This is so nice–to get goodies–instead of being yelled at. Most people are not usually very happy to talk to us.”

-Volunteer in Lincoln, IL

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