Vulnerable Adults

Vulnerable adults refer to youth who are ready to or have already aged out of the foster care system or parents who may have been in the system themselves and/or whose children may be at risk of being placed in foster care.

Aged Out Youth

According to AdoptUsKids, over 20,000 18-21 year olds age out of foster care every single year with little to no support. Many of these young adults fall right back into foster care, continuing this hopeless cycle, only this time they have become vulnerable parents whose children have been placed into foster care.

I cried when looking at the Project Sunshine room photos and couldn’t look at the whole thing at one time. I wish that I had been in a room like that when I was a kid. I was 9 years old in a room with nothing to play with. I didn’t know what was going on or what was going to happen with nothing to do. How much better a room like that would have been for me.

-Adult foster child in Augusta County, VA

Vulnerable Parents

Many vulnerable parents are products of “the system” themselves. Many have little to no support, guidance or role models. They need to know that someone cares.

  • Intact families are vulnerable families at-risk of losing their children into foster care.
  • Families in process of reunification are families that are involved with the foster care system that are in the process of bringing their children home.     

If I can’t have them back…I can’t handle the thought of them being separated.

-Vulnerable Parent speaking of her children in foster care

What if?

What if we, as the Body of Christ, come alongside the Vulnerable Adults in our community? What would happen if the Church became family to adults without family?

Join us…

Learn about ways to support vulnerable adults and the rest of the foster care community in your area:

  1. Find a TFI Advocate in your area.
  2. Become a TFI Advocate.

Thank you for helping me get what I have been stressing over since I first got my apartment. You guys have shown me there are good organizations who care about us forgotten children, now adults just trying to make it.

-Tiera, aged out of foster care

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